How to Use Your Garden Summer House to Host the Perfect Garden Party


Are you searching for fun ways to utilize your garden summer house to host a garden party?

There are not many more special moments than the ones that occur during a summer garden party.

The food from the barbecue tastes better, the laughter seems louder, and the sun shines brighter.

And a garden summer house is the perfect addition to take any garden party to the next level!

This article will look at how you can use your garden summer house to host the perfect garden party.

Steps to Host the Perfect Garden Party With Your Summer House

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Bring Your Indoor Style Outdoors

When you host a party in warmer weather, you may already have considered bringing your kitchen chairs outside to ensure there is enough seating.

But you shouldn’t stop there! Consider what other decorations you have indoors that you can bring out into your garden or into your summer house to make it feel like a more stylish party.

This action will offer guests a taste of your style without turning it into an indoor party. Ensure you check the weather forecast first, though, so that you are not left with soaked furniture and soft furnishings that are not prepared to handle the weather.

Bringing furniture and soft furnishings outside will perfectly complement your patio furniture, and your kitchen table could act as a perfect garden party table!

Pick A Garden Party Theme

Next, selecting a party theme is a great idea! Any outdoor party that follows a style or colour theme offers a unique experience for your guests.

Ensure you tell your guests about your chosen theme so that when guests arrive, they know what to expect and can dress accordingly.

Plan Some Fun Lawn Games

Nothing says garden party like fun lawn games! Have a look at your guest list, and plan games that will suit the people who are coming to your party.

Having games available for people to dip in and out of during your party is a fantastic way for people to break the ice and kick back and relax.

While some people will want to chill out in your garden or chat away in your summer house, others will want to get stuck into some fun lawn games. It is also an excellent way to keep younger kids occupied.

Create Separate Zones

This aspect is where your summer house can really come into its own! Your summer house offers a fantastic opportunity for you to create a place for people to sit and catch up while keeping the garden free for fun activities and playing games.

A summer house ensures you can create separate areas and ensure everyone has a fantastic time at your party.

You could also utilize a small marquee to separate the food preparation and eating area to protect it from any games that are going on.

Plan For The Evening

One of the most common issues that people come across when they plan a garden party is they forget about the evening entertainment!

A garden summer house has plenty of evening draws. You can pull all of the outdoor furniture inside and carry on great conversations. Or you could pull out the blankets and have a massive movie night. You could even take advantage of any games like pool or table tennis!

The possibilities are endless for evening entertainment in a garden summer house.

Prepare For Any Weather

Unfortunately, we don’t always get the weather we want in summer in the UK, even if the weather forecast says it will be sunny! Therefore, it is a good idea to create a garden party that has a contingency plan for if the weather changes.

A summer house can be essential if the weather takes a turn for the worst and a party outdoors is no longer possible. You can quickly pack away any equipment that can’t handle the wet weather and keep the good times rolling with drinks, food, and conversations in your summer house.

Garden parties that only use outdoor space will struggle to continue if the weather changes, but if you have a summer house, you can keep the party going, no matter what the weather.

Put Up Party Decorations

Garden party decorations might not seem too important, but a little can go a long way. Summer party decorations help create ambience and can add to your style or colour scheme.

Try to add some flowers, fairy lights, quirky jam jars, atmospheric lighting with tea lights, or other aspects that you think your guests will appreciate.

Tidy The Lawn

As mentioned already, having a designated area for lawn games is a great way to keep children occupied and entertained.

Use the additional space available in your summer house to pack away extra toys, plant pots and garden tools, and take advantage of your garden as a great place for the kids to run around and have a great time.

Keep Things Simple

Finally, the most important thing is to keep things simple. It is fun to think about exciting ways you can make your garden party an incredible experience for your guests, but if you bite off more than you can chew, it could become incredibly stressful.

After all, it is your party, so you should have fun planning it! Ultimately, the best parties are made by the people who are there, and the decorations and staging simply support that aspect.

Keep things as simple as possible, throw some drinks in an ice bucket and keep the sweet treats coming, and you will have a great party!

How to Pick the Perfect Summer House for Outdoor Entertaining

garden summer house

If you don’t already have a garden summer house that you can use to host the perfect summer party, don’t worry.

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