How to Use a Wooden Summer House All Year Round


There is no better feeling than basking in sun at the bottom of your garden, in your very own garden.

But those feelings feel miles away in winter as you look out of your kitchen at the summer house at the bottom of your garden that you haven’t used in months.

This is the problem with many summer houses across the country. People only consider the use of their summer house in, well, summer!

But wooden summer houses can actually get used all year round. In fact, they SHOULD be used all year round.

Here, we will look at the steps, tips, tricks, and ideas you can use to ensure you get the most out of your wooden log cabin all year round, and not just on those three hot days we get in July every year.

Why are Wooden Summer Houses so Popular?

Wooden Summer House

Before we touch on why wooden summer houses are so popular, we should probably talk about the elephant in the room.

We are slightly biased.

After all, we are called “Summer House 24” for a reason. We live and breathe summer houses!

But, as a result, we are also probably the perfect people to tell you why wooden summer houses are so popular. 

For starters, they are a fantastic way to take advantage of any unused space in your garden. It can provide brilliant storage, additional living space, and room for projects. Ultimately whatever you can think of, a summer house can bring your dreams to life.

Why Use A Wooden Summer House All Year Round?

Wooden Summer House

Not only does a wooden garden room provide a great space for entertaining and relaxing during the summer months, but it can also be used all year round. With a few modifications, you can make your wooden summer house the perfect addition to your home, regardless of the season.

Garden rooms that are insulated can be used as a home cinema, a garden office, or in many other ways.

How to Make Your Wooden Summer House Usable All Year Round

Wooden Summer House

Double-glazed windows and doors

Opting for a wooden summer house with double-glazed windows and doors ensures your garden summer house stores heat when they are hit by the sun.

All Summer House wooden summer hours, log cabins, and garden offices come with excellent quality double-glazing, to make your summer house better at retaining natural heat.

High-quality building

Secondly, opting for a high-quality wooden summer house is a great way to ensure it is usable all year round. When you invest in quality, you reduce the chances of condensation occurring, get better ventilation options for the hot summer days, and improved natural insulation to help trap any natural hot air.

Invest in an insulation kit for your wooden cabin

Summer House 24 insulation kits are easy to install and offer all the required components to make your floor and room more insulated.

These cabin insulation kits are made to help eliminate thermal bridging and offer effective thermal performance inside cavity air spaces.

Add rugs or other floor coverings

Not only do rugs make your wooden summer house feel cosier, but they also make your garden building more insulated. The rugs will feel warmer on your feet and help prevent any heat from escaping through the floor.

Hang thick curtains over the windows

Hanging thick curtains in your wooden summer house is an excellent way to control the light levels and provide extra insulation. The thick curtains will help block out the light and keep the temperature lower when needed, while also locking in the heat in the colder weather.

Invest in a heater

Finally, if you want additional heating support in the cold winter months, you could invest in a small electrical heater. Just be careful to always make sure it is turned off when you are not in the wooden summer house.


A wooden summer house provides an ideal space for outdoor living all year round. With a few simple modifications and adjustments, you can turn it into an outdoor paradise.

To learn more about how to make your wooden summer house usable all year round, get in touch today!! We’d be happy to help with any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Summer Houses

How can I use a wooden summer house all year round?

  • Double-glazed windows and doors
  • High-quality building
  • Invest in an insulation kit for your wooden cabin
  • Add rugs or other floor coverings
  • Hang thick curtains over the windows

How can I make sure my wooden summer house remains in good condition?

To keep your wooden summer house in good condition, you should regularly inspect the structure for any signs of damage, such as rotting wood or damp patches. Additionally, it is important to check the roof for missing or loose tiles and to keep the interior and exterior clean.

How do I protect my wooden summer house from different weather conditions?

To protect your wooden summer house from extreme weather, you should make sure the structure is properly insulated, sealed, and waterproofed. You can also install storm shutters or awnings over