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  • SKU G0362

    Outdoor Sauna Cabin "Simply Sauna 1” / 70mm / 2 x 2 m

    230x230 cm
  • SALE
    SKU G0220

    Timber Sauna Cabin Oliver III 16m² / 70mm

    598x418 cm

Outdoor Sauna - Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering purchasing an outdoor garden sauna for your home?

Perhaps you have moved into a property where you finally have enough space to fulfil your dreams and get an outdoor barrel sauna.

Or maybe you have recently read about the benefits of using a wooden sauna regularly, and you want to try and improve your health and well-being.

You might have already got your eye on the perfect rectangular sauna to fit your garden space.

Whatever the case may be, read on to learn everything you need to know about garden saunas and choose the perfect one for your needs.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Sauna

Lowers Stroke Risk

Plenty of studies have shown that an outside sauna can lead to great improvements in cardio health, which also reduces the chances of getting a stroke.

Healthier Immune System

Using a garden sauna is a fantastic way to improve your immune system, as research has shown it activates your immune system and leads to your body producing more white blood cells.

Less Muscle Soreness

Just finished a challenging workout? Spent the whole day doing manual labour at work or home?

Say goodbye to muscle soreness the next day! Use your garden sauna to reduce muscle soreness, and ensure you can go again at the same intensity the next day.

Better Breathing

Research has shown that regularly using a garden sauna can greatly reduce wheezing and help people breathe more easily.

The heat and humidity help loosen phlegm, improve airways, and lower stress.

Improved Well-Being

Many regular outdoor sauna users say a wooden sauna is fantastic for relaxation and improved well-being.

Types of Outdoor Sauna

Garden Sauna

The most common type of garden sauna comes as part of a summer house. Utilise the entire summer house as a home spa, capitalising on a veranda in the hot weather or relaxing on the sofa inside when the weather turns.

Outdoor Barrel Sauna

If you are short on space or want an outdoor sauna without the additional features, garden barrel saunas might be the option for you.

A barrel garden sauna is much smaller than a normal outdoor sauna but uses the same system as normal outdoor saunas.

How to Look After Your Garden Sauna

Quality is Key

Think about it this way. By investing in a high-quality outdoor sauna, you will not have to do as much maintenance in the future to ensure it keeps working.

Lower-quality outdoor saunas require more maintenance and costs down the line.

All of our outdoor saunas and barrel saunas are made to the best possible quality to ensure your outdoor sauna can withstand all the elements.

Prep your sauna

Before you use your garden sauna for the first time, ensure it is prepared properly. Ensure each wooden surface is treated and ready to do. At Summer House 24, we provide our saunas with all the timber pre-treated to ensure the moisture does not lead to rotting.

Wipe down every surface and ensure your sauna is dry and clean before use. Next, set your sauna at the maximum temperature for an hour, then pour a litre of water onto the stones to ensure they are clean.

Keep it clean

Occasional sweeping, wiping, and vacuuming will ensure your outdoor sauna remains in top condition.

If you don’t use your outdoor sauna regularly, it is best you clean it before each use. Cleaning it regularly will prevent mould and other issues that can damage your sauna.

Take precautions

When you invest in an outdoor sauna, you want to look and feel new for as long as possible. Therefore you should take precautions such as washing your feet before entering and sitting on a towel, for example.

When you are done using your sauna, wipe down the floor and seating area, and let the sauna dry before closing it.


Looking after your heater is pretty straightforward. Ensure you rinse out the rocks before placing them in the wood stove heater, as this will remove any small particles and prevent them from getting into the mechanisms and damaging your sauna.

If cared for properly, you shouldn’t need to do any maintenance on your heater for many years.

Do I need wood-burning heaters for my outdoor sauna?

Most outdoor saunas use wood-burning heaters, but you can also buy some that use an electric heater.

Do I need a changing room for the perfect outdoor sauna?

An additional changing room is not a necessary requirement for an outdoor sauna. Barrel saunas, for example, do not typically come with one.

However, if you do opt for an outdoor sauna with no changing room, ensure you think about how you plan to change and get into your outdoor sauna while also keeping it clean.

Can I get my sauna installed?

Summer House 24 offer an installation service with each of our outdoor saunas. Get in touch today, and we can explain how we can help in more detail.

Are garden saunas a good investment?

From a mental health and well-being perspective, garden saunas are an excellent investment. In many cases, they also add additional value to your home, or you can dismantle them and take them with you when you move.