Sauna Heater

Wood stove for barrel sauna Harvia M3 Wood burning sauna heater Harvia M3 + Chimney set
The Harvia M3 wood stove combines classic design with efficient performance, perfect for smaller wood-burning saunas. Experience the pleasure of a traditional sauna atmosphere with even heat and optimal air circulation. Its elegant graphite black color and glass door enhance the ambiance, while the stainless steel air-flow spoiler ensures efficiency and style. Elevate your sauna experience with the Harvia M3 wood stove.
Wood burning stove HUUM Heat 12 Wood burning sauna heater HUUM Heat 12
The HUUM Heat 12 wood-burning stove is a powerful and environmentally sustainable choice for your sauna. Its unique design enhances the burning process by introducing fresh air from above, resulting in a robust flame that ensures efficient combustion of all wood. This stove effectively utilizes wood gases that would otherwise escape, making it an eco-friendly option. With a cast iron door and natural oil treatment, the HUUM Heat 12 meets strict environmental standards, guaranteeing high quality and sustainability.
Wood stove COZY 12 Wood burning sauna heater COZY 12 + Chimney set
Experience the ultimate comfort and efficiency with the COZY 12 wood stove. Specially designed for mild and long-lasting heat, it excels at creating steam and uses up to 40% less fuel compared to similar heaters. Meeting German BIMSCH certificate requirements without additional equipment, this unique stove ensures clean smoke gases that are six times cleaner than its counterparts. Elevate your sauna experience with the COZY 12, where comfort, efficiency, and environmental friendliness come together.
Electric heater Harvia Cilindro PC90XE with remote control Electric heater Harvia Cilindro PC90XE with remote control
Experience the pinnacle of luxury and comfort with the Harvia Cilindro PC90XE Electric Heater. Its sleek stainless steel design, adjustable controls, and innovative Xenio control unit offer a personalized sauna experience. With advanced safety features and exceptional heating capacity, this heater creates a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate your sauna experience with the Harvia Cilindro PC90XE.
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