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  • Wall Thickness Upgrade Options

    The standard cabin price includes 134 mm thick glulam wall beams, triple glazed doors and windows, other wooden components, internal doors, insulated cabin roof and all metal fixings. Cabin floor, roofing materials (Shingles / Slates), paints and gutters etc. are not included in the standard price.

    In order to achieve the required energy class for all year round living and low heating costs, you can choose between two wall upgrades: 134mm glulam beams + insulation + wooden cladding or 204 mm glulam beams. Please contact us for help working out your full cabin configuration and options so that we can quote a full cabin price.

    Wall thickness options:

    134 mm wall thickness 134 mm wall + insulation:
    – 150 mm thick mineral wool panels
    – Vapor barrier membrane
    – 50 mm thick mineral wool panels
    – 21 mm wooden cladding
    204 mm wall thickness
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