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  • 5 Compelling Reasons to Have a Gym in Your Garden

    5 Compelling Reasons to Have a Gym in Your Garden

    The fitness industry is generally considered a booming one as more and more fitness lovers choose to go to the gym over outdoor sports. However, the infamous coronavirus pandemics had a huge impact on the industry and a lot of businesses had to close their doors. As a result, it has been quite difficult for many of us to keep up with our working out routines. Instead, we’ve found other less healthy ways to cope with the pandemics such as cooking and, consequently, eating. If you’ve managed to stay in shape, consider yourself lucky. If not, we offer a perfect solution – a garden gym.

    Home gyms provide an opportunity for a fresh start in terms of health and physical shape, so it’s safe to say that they come along with plenty of advantages and no disadvantage. Garden gyms are perfect for everyone and the good news is that you can easily set one up in a garden pod. Not sure what a garden pod is? Check out our garden pods guide.

    If you’re familiar with garden pods, let’s see why you should consider installing one in your garden this summer.

    If you’ve ever purchased a gym membership, you know where we’re going with this. According to this Bloomberg article, a lot of people decide to start working out in January only to forget about their New Year resolution a few weeks later. Furthermore, it appears that 80% of the people who joined a gym in January, quit going within the next five months. That’s a lot of wasted money, especially for the people who purchase long-term memberships.

    On average, in the UK, a gym membership costs around £40, and around 23% of Britons purchase one. However, only 12% of them will go to the gym regularly. The value of the wasted gym memberships reaches a whopping £369 million. A garden gym can help you avoid being part of this statistic. Feeling trapped by your gym membership and feeling guilty for not going for a few weeks can prevent you from going at all. By installing a garden pod in your backyard and turning it into a gym, you’ll never need to spend money to be in shape ever again.

    Another way in which garden gyms boost motivation is by being close by. Commuting to and from the gym can be quite tedious especially when you’re tired and the weather is bad. Being able to work out at home will be much more comfortable and you won’t waste any more time in traffic. Here are some other time-consuming things that you won’t have to do anymore if you own a garden gym: pack your bag, worry about wearing the right outfit, wait for others to finish using the equipment, etc.

    Most gyms put a lot of effort into making everyone feel comfortable but if you haven’t been to the gym in a while and you are out of shape, you might still feel a bit awkward. Seeing so many people who look perfect can make you feel bad even if no one is judging you.

    Studies have shown that over 60% of women avoid going to the gym because they don’t want to feel judged. We are all familiar with social anxiety in one way or another, especially when it comes to our bodies. A home gym can be the perfect place to start training and to get in shape before joining others. You can finally try the downward dog without the constant worry that someone is staring. You can also try different types of exercises without being afraid to fail or to look ridiculous.

    3. Garden gyms are more hygienic

    You don’t have to be a germophobe to realize that gyms can sometimes be unsanitary. As much as the employees struggle to keep things clean, you will still use most of the equipment right after someone else has used it. The worst part is that everybody sweats while working out, so the fluid exchange is pretty much unavoidable. Hundreds of people touch every single item each day and very few of them use disinfectant wipes. And to be honest, it can be quite tedious to disinfect every piece of equipment before you use it, not to mention how much time you’ll spend doing this. By having your own garden gym, all of these problems will be a thing of the past. You and your loved ones will be the only ones using the equipment, so you won’t have to worry about disinfecting everything all the time.

    4. You get to spend more time with your friends and family

    There are several ways in which garden pod gyms make it easier for you to spend time with your friends and family. First of all, by having the gym close to home, you save time that you can use for other things. Instead of spending half an hour in traffic, you can spend that half an hour playing with your kids or watching an episode of your favourite TV show with your partner. Secondly, having a garden gym might convince your family members to work out as well and you can turn your working out routine into a family activity. And, if your friends want to get in shape as well, they will gladly accept your invitation to work out together.

    5. Your garden gym your rules

    As mentioned above, turning a garden pod into a gym comes with lots and lots of advantages. Making your own rules can mean anything from listening to your favourite music while working out, to watching a movie, a Youtube tutorial, or anything else that you might enjoy. You can also start working out whenever you want based on your schedule, take breaks, and decorate your gym as you wish. You can take your time without worrying that someone else is waiting in line and you don’t have to worry about following any rules.

    Garden gyms are great investments and you can easily put one together if you have a garden pod. We offer a wide range of garden pods and summer houses that you can choose from based on your budget, your space, and your preferences. Spacious garden rooms come with added benefits such as extra storage space and other amenities. If you opt for a large garden room, in addition to having a home gym, you can also set up a home sauna or a garden office.

    If you are looking for a small garden pod, we recommend Small Garden Room Noah or Garden Summer House Nora C. If you prefer a more lavish garden room check out this Large Garden Room Malaga or this Wooden Lodge with Bathroom.

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