5 Steps to Turn Your Garden Room Into a Home Entertainment Paradise


How often do you utilize your outdoor space?

Studies have shown that more people than ever spend more time inside and go outside only when necessary. There are plenty of things to keep us entertained inside, but getting natural light and taking in the nature around us is essential for improved mental health.

One excellent way to get you, your family, and your friends outside more are to turn your garden room into the perfect entertaining space.

That could be as a garden room cinema, a social place with lounge seating, or any other form of entertainment.

This article will show you just how easy it is to turn your garden room into a home entertainment paradise.

What are the Benefits of Entertaining in a Garden Summer House?

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A garden room offers additional floor space

If you have entertained guests in your garden before, then chances are you have noticed how much space it requires! You need space for games, drinks, socialising, food, and so much more.

Garden rooms offer an excellent solution here by providing you with plenty of additional outdoor living space you can use when entertaining.

For movie nights, you can turn your garden room into your very own home cinema. For garden parties, you can quickly swap your garden cinema into an outdoor bar.

Ultimately it is your own space, and you can use the additional room however you need while entertaining.

A garden room provides a unique experience

Garden buildings also provide a unique experience for when you are entertaining friends or having an entertaining night with your family.

Each garden room has its own look and feel, and you can decorate it however you like to put your own twist on the design.

Your garden room could act as an art studio by day and then become the perfect place to host dinner with friends on a summer night.

You might use it as a home gym or garden office, which gives you a great talking point the next time you host a summer party.

A garden room offers isolation and focus

Hosting guests or having movie nights at home is certainly fun, but nothing beats the look and feel of a summer house home cinema!

A garden room provides you with a designated space for your activity of choice, which ensures everyone is fully focused on the activity without distractions.

If you’re hosting a movie night, everyone will be fixated on the film. If you are having a games night, all eyes will be on the game in question.

5 Steps to Turn Your Garden Room Into a Home Entertainment Paradise

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Here are five easy steps you can take to turn your garden room into a home entertainment paradise. Ultimately, these steps will differ slightly on what type of entertainment you are planning, but they offer a good insight into the steps you should be following as a general rule.

Create a cosy environment

The first thing you need to do if you plan on using your garden summer house as an entertainment space is to add comfy seating, so everyone feels snug and cosy in your garden room.

Outdoor garden furniture is one option, as you can then take this outside for additional seating in warm weather, but it might not be the comfiest seating if you are planning to use your summer house as a cinema room.

As each Summer House 24 building is waterproof and weather resistant and uses the most robust materials for added security and protection, you can feel confident in investing in high-quality living room furniture for your summer house.

Consider lighting

Alongside ensuring your garden room feels comfortable for whatever form of entertaining you are planning, you should also factor in what lighting you put out.

If you are entertaining by having a home cinema night, then low lighting is important to allow the television screen to be clear and visible.

If you are planning on hosting a summer night party, then you will need to ensure that your garden is well-lit so that people can navigate their way from your home to your summer house.

Invest in additional aspects

Adding additional features to your summer house can take the entertainment levels to all new heights.

That doesn’t mean you need to spend heavily on a ceiling-mounted projector, but adding a home entertainment system with surround sound is a great way to add a professional look at feel to your outdoor entertaining space.

Consider how much space you have.

While our range of summer houses and garden rooms have plenty of space for you to enjoy with your family, you should try to calculate how many people you can fit in your garden room before sending out the invites.

The last thing you want to do is invite lots of people for a movie night in your summer garden, only to realise there isn’t enough space for all of your guests.

Consider future-proofing your entertainment

If you plan to entertain in your garden summer house regularly, it might be worth investing in more permanent garden entertainment elements.

That might mean adding a bar to your summer house or identifying a gazebo that compliments your summer house and offers even more sheltered outdoor space.

Final Thoughts on Entertaining in your Back Garden

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Now you have all the information you need to turn your garden room into a home entertainment paradise!

Whether you are hosting a party for your friends or using your garden room to upgrade your family life at home, this article will hopefully have given you garden room ideas to test out.

For the perfect garden room for your back garden, get in touch with us today! We offer a range of summer houses, log cabins, garden saunas, and sheds, and we would love to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Don’t forget to check the local rules surrounding garden room planning permission in your area before making any purchase.


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