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10 Key Areas to Consider When Planning a Garden Office 16.04.2024

When planning a garden office in the UK, integrating both functional needs and personal style is key, especially when various types of structures are available, such as garden office pods, cabins, and insulated offices. Here’s a refined approach incorporating these elements: There are more areas to cover as per your needs but above areas are…

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10 Top Tips to Help Birds Thrive Around Your Summerhouse 12.04.2024

With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to turn your garden around the summer house into a sanctuary for our feathered friends. Here are “10 Things You Can Do to Help Wild Birds Around Your Summer House,” packed with tips that are easy to apply in your garden to support birdlife throughout the season….

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Legalities of Living in a Garden Room: What You Need to Know 01.04.2024

A garden room, a small outbuilding, can be quickly added to any outdoor space and used as a cozy extra bedroom. There are many different options available on the market when it comes to garden rooms, some are designed to become garden offices, hobby rooms, and art studios, and can even have multiple functions. A…

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5 Feng Shui Tips for Garden Rooms in 2024 11.03.2024

In 2024, as we celebrate the ‘Year of the Dragon’ in Chinese mythology, a year rich in symbolism representing strength, power, wisdom, nobility, good fortune, and success, it’s crucial to harness positive energies not only within our homes but also in the extensions and additional spaces nestled in our backyards. Garden rooms offer a canvas…

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Transforming Your Garden Room into the Ultimate Teen Den: A Guide for the Cool Parents 05.03.2024

Hey there, cool parents of the digital age! Are you looking to up your game and provide your growing kids with a space where they can chill, create, and just be themselves? Look no further than your backyard! That’s right, we’re talking about transforming that garden room into a den of dreams for your teenagers….

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How To Clean A Wooden Shed 21.11.2023

At Summer House 24 our guide on cleaning wooden sheds, both old and new, focuses on enhancing functionality, safety, and aesthetics. We walk you through comprehensive shed inspection, damage and condition assessments, tips on wood decay and structural integrity, general wear and tear check,s roof and foundation inspection, moisture and leak detection, and pest control methods…

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Exploring Different Types of Summer Houses 04.10.2023

Let’s face it. Very few things make adult life as magical as our childhood memories. But having an at-home getaway is undoubtedly a close second! Wooden summer houses offer so many benefits for our everyday life, from your very own home SPA to a distraction-free office space. And the best part? Wooden summer houses come…

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Elevate Your Property’s Aesthetic: Wooden Garages that Blend Beauty and Utility 20.09.2023

Do you ever look out of the window at your beautiful car parked up on the curb outside your house and wish you could give it the safety and security it deserves? By leaving your car in a garage overnight, not only do you ensure it is much more secure overnight or when you go…

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Why a Wooden Summer House Makes the Perfect Home Cinema 11.07.2023

Are you considering investing in a home cinema room? Perhaps you find your current setup for movies unfulfilling, or there are too many distractions to fully appreciate the movie you are watching. Or maybe you don’t get a chance to want many movies at the moment, because there is nowhere in your house that is…

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Why a Wooden Summer House Makes the Perfect Home Spa 06.07.2023

Are you considering purchasing your own home spa? Perhaps you have decided that an area of your garden barely gets used and would be the perfect place for a home spa. Maybe you often go on spa days or use the one at your local gym, but you struggle to fully relax due to the…

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How to Use a Wooden Summer House All Year Round 08.06.2023

There is no better feeling than basking in sun at the bottom of your garden, in your very own garden. But those feelings feel miles away in winter as you look out of your kitchen at the summer house at the bottom of your garden that you haven’t used in months. This is the problem…

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5 Steps to Turn Your Garden Room Into a Home Entertainment Paradise 24.05.2023

How often do you utilize your outdoor space? Studies have shown that more people than ever spend more time inside and go outside only when necessary. There are plenty of things to keep us entertained inside, but getting natural light and taking in the nature around us is essential for improved mental health. One excellent…

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What are the Benefits of a Garden Office? 21.03.2023

Are you considering investing in a garden office? Garden buildings are an excellent option for your home office and are a great use of any outdoor space you have on offer. A garden building can have many uses, but one of the most popular ways to use them recently has been as a garden office….

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What are the Most Popular Uses of Summer Houses? 04.03.2023

Are you considering purchasing a garden summer house? You are not alone. Over recent years, summer houses have risen in popularity, and for a good reason. There are so many ways that you can use the additional garden space to your advantage. Whether it’s having fun with friends in summer, creating the perfect isolated workspace,…

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Elevating Home Comfort With Garden Log Cabins- Top 5 Benefits 03.03.2023

Are you considering purchasing a log cabin for your garden? Perhaps you are interested in creating some additional personal space at home, with a garden studio that you can use for hobbies or work-related activities. Here are five reasons why garden log cabins take home comfort to the next level and help add more value…

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