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Grillkota BBQ Hut

What is a Grillkota (Finnish BBQ Hut) and where do they come from?

BBQ huts are among other great things like saunas, Nokia, ice skates, Santa Claus and Angry Birds that Finland has given us! Grillkota, the Finnish BBQ huts have their origin in the Arctic Lapland of Finland.

BBQ Huts, also called Grillkotas and Barbeque Lodges, are very widely used garden buildings in Finland and Scandinavia. These buildings have been used for a long time in Scandinavian countries and are increasingly gaining popularity all over the World, including the UK.

Common barbeque lodges are 6-10 m2 hexagonal or octagonal wooden cabins with a central charcoal BBQ grill table fitted around the firepit. Benches are fixed to the inner walls and look great covered in sheepskins. Being able to cook and BBQ feasts, any time and in any weather makes them very practical. A Grillkota adds a new dimension to entertaining family and friends and creates a really special atmosphere.

Which Grillkota or BBQ hut to buy?

All our BBQ cabins are equipped to the same high standards which include: central charcoal grill, round table made of granite, chimney and adjustable smoke extraction hood. The only three things left to decide before you buy a BBQ Hut are the size, price and outside appearance you like the most.

Talking of sizes, there are three main size categories. Smaller 6 m² BBQ huts are hexagonal shape, they have 5 benches around the grill and can easily accommodate 10 people. Larger Octagonal barbeque lodges  have 7 benches which are ideal for 14 people to sit comfortably around the grill table and enjoy dinner. The biggest BBQ huts with an area of 12 and 15 m² are multifunctional BBQ cabins, where you can have a garden room with separate dining area and a small kitchenette in addition to the charcoal grill.

How does it work?

Very easyily is the straight answer! The Central charcoal grill works as any other garden grill or BBQ. Use high quality lumpwood charcoal, light it up and get cooking! The Grill has a main fixed grill grate in the center of the table and one upper adjustable grill grate for vegetables or just keeping grilled meat hot after it has been cooked. The solid Granite table around the grill provides a good space for comfortable dining as well as for snacks, salads and drinks. Benches around the table are fixed to the walls, each bench is good for 2 people. Smaller barbeque huts have five benches and larger ones have seven. The smoke extraction hood is adjustable, it is a good idea to keep it lower when grilling and lift it up later. BBQ huts don’t need electricity, lamps or heating. Burning charcoal does the job of keeping you warm and moreover they create that special atmosphere with natural warmth and light of fire.

How to install Grillkota and BBQ hut?

Installation of your BBQ Hut or Grill Cabin is a quick and easy 1-2 day DIY project for two people without the need to hire in professionals. A BBQ cabin does not require concrete foundations. Foundation beams can be laid on to solid and level stone slabs or similar, leaving a little space between the ground and base of the hut for ventilation. As a next step, you lay prefabricated floor elements on the foundation beams (6 elements for hexagonal hut and 8 for octagonal hut). Now when you have installed the floor, lift up and place the prefabricated wall elements and fix them to each other with screws and mounts provided. (All fixings included in the assembly kit). Finally place the prefabricated roof elements (roof shingles of your choice have been preinstalled on the roof panels by the factory) and your cabin is almost finished. The very last things to do are installing flashing strips on the roof ridges, place and fix the benches, install the shelves on the walls, place the central grill and install the chimney together with the smoke extradition hood. Colour treatment and wood preserver must be done straight after the assembly. This will protect your building and make sure that you can enjoy those fantastic BBQ parties for years and years to come!

How can I make my Finnish BBQ hut even better?

Creating a special atmosphere and comfort are vital components to get the most from your BBQ hut. We recommending the first components to add are curtains for coziness and seat cushions or sheepskins for comfort. Maybe add some lanterns or candelabra for drama and light. Now when these essential things are in place it is time to personalize your BBQ hut and this is where you should let your imagination run wild! You can visit antique shops, search for hunters trophies, dig out your old photos and souvenirs brought back from holidays or visit markets. Finding great things to give the finishing touches to your BBQ Hut and finish your masterpiece in the garden is great fun.


We want you to get many years of safe fun and enjoyment out of your BBQ hut and without wishing to point out the obvious we feel it is important to observe the folowing safety tips:

Fit both Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors inside your BBQ hut and test them regularly. While the BBQ grills are tested to stringent safety levels and are surrounded by granite, we would advise you fit a fire extinuisher or fire blanket in your BBQ hut as an added precaution. Obviously, BBQ’s should never be left unattended or children around them!

Follow the latest trends and make your garden better with a very special BBQ Hut and extend your BBQ season to 365 days a year !!!

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