Building a Garden Room with Storage Room and Veranda Super Lucas E


Installation of one of our most popular 9m2 garden rooms with a 3 x 3m veranda and additional 1.8 x 3m storage room has been completed. It took our install team just one full day to complete this installation.

The Super Lucas E cabin was launched in early spring this year and instantly became popular among our customers in Germany, UK, Austria and other parts of the World. With its three functions in one very affordable cabin you can create an Alfresco dining area, hot tub shelter or garden lounge on its 3 x 3m veranda, use the 9m2 garden room for working, reading, relaxing, garden dining or even for setting up your very own garden bar and finally there is a good space for garden storage purposes.

Building the Super Lucas E log cabin requires just an 8 x 3 m space in your backyard and the cabin assembly should be achievable within 3-4 days for two DIYers.

In the near future, the Super Lucas E garden log cabin will be added to our stock items list, which means that the cabin delivery time will be shortened from 7-9 weeks down to 3-4 weeks.

The standard cabin kit includes 44mm double tongue and groove wall planks and other wooden cabin components made of the finest Nordic spruce, 18mm roof and floor boards, 28mm impregnated terrace boards, double glazed sliding doors and opening windows, solid wooden shed door, impregnated foundation beams, four metal storm braces inserted throughout the entire wall for extra strength and stability as well as all screws, nails and fixings.


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