Do Garden Offices Make You More Productive? Everything You Need to Know


Productivity, motivation, and work ethic.

These are all hotly discussed topics between those passionate about the benefits of working from home and those much more skeptical.

While there are certainly times where productivity and motivation appear in spades while you work from home, there are also times when you are left sat twiddling your thumbs, struggling to get started.

So, how can we rectify this issue? Work from home is certainly not going anywhere, and so we need to find a way of becoming more productive, more motivated, and happier working from home.

Introducing the garden office.

Here, we will look at the benefits of investing in a high-quality garden office and whether or not it is the right choice for you.

Why Have Garden Office Summer Houses Become So Popular? 

Garden Office

Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential to improve productivity and provide a peaceful and comfortable working environment.

After all, we spend so much time working, why would be not create the best, most comfortable environment to work in? It’s a no-brainer.

One of the reasons garden offices have become increasingly popular is the seclusion they provide, offering clear headspace away from any ruckus or loud noises occurring in your home.

Have you ever tried to send a sensitive email while your partner is also on a work call, and the kids are singing along to Thomas the Tank engine? Chances are, that email will not be an example of your best work.

But with a place you can sneak off too at the bottom of the garden for ultimate privacy and seclusion, you can write that important email, and ensure when you work from home, your quality never dips.

How Can A Garden Office Provide A Private And Peaceful Place For Work?

Garden Office

Insulated garden offices are an excellent idea for home office space to find work-life balance and have a dedicated work area where you won’t get distracted by the various requirements of family life.

You could even opt for a soundproof office for additional privacy in your garden office. Other family members will know that they should not disturb you when you are in your corner office in the garden.

Natural Light And Fresh Air

We often neglect just how important fresh air and natural light are for our mental health and productivity. Natural light helps improve alertness and focus, while fresh air helps to keep the mind and body energized.

And yet, we still tend to neglect these key attributes while working from home. A garden office can help change that and shift your priorities to a more balanced work-life.

Business And Pleasure

A garden office can significantly increase productivity, allowing you to separate business and pleasure. Working from home can be great for getting things done, but having a dedicated office in the garden can provide a space to focus and a physical barrier from the distractions of the home.

Garden offices can also be beneficial for those who work in fields requiring a lot of creativity, as having a space outside of the house can give you a different environment to work in and help spark ideas.

Furthermore, having an outdoor office allows you to take a break and enjoy the outdoors, which can help to clear your mind and recharge your batteries.

Added Value

Garden offices also add value to your property by creating an extra space that can be used for various purposes. 

Of course, the primary objective of your garden office is to provide somewhere for you to become more productive and effective, whether working for yourself or someone else.

However, when the clock strikes 5 pm, that doesn’t mean the value of your garden office diminishes. Instead, you can use it for multiple purposes, such as games nights, movie nights, or even as a home gym.

Increase Usable Living Space

Let’s be honest. We’ve all had daydreams about having more living space available. Whether your home feels cluttered with kids’ toys or far too many Amazon lockdown purchases from your other half that are now collecting dust, a garden office is a fantastic way to alleviate that stress.

You can either use a garden office as additional storage for kids’ toys, or as a space clear from clutter, that you can sneak off to for some well-deserved peace and quiet.

The Statistics Behind Garden Office Productivity

Garden Office

Working from a garden office can be incredibly productive in increasing output. It allows for a more dedicated workspace with fewer distractions and a better view of the outside world.

According to a survey by the University of Exeter, participants who worked in outdoor offices reported a 32.7% increase in productivity. Another survey by Harvard Business Review found that workers exposed to natural light and fresh air reported higher levels of productivity and creativity.

Studies have also shown that natural light helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm and can reduce stress, leading to higher productivity.

Furthermore, studies suggest that employees working in garden offices are more likely to take breaks, which can help them stay focused and productive for longer periods of time.

The evidence suggests that working in a garden office can make you much more productive.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, garden offices can make you more productive. Having a designated space that is not your home can help create a sense of separation, make the atmosphere more conducive to work, and help you stay focused and motivated.

The garden office also provides a great way to stay connected with nature and combat stress, which is essential for productivity. If you want to discover the perfect garden office, contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Offices

Is A Garden Office Worth The Investment?

Ultimately, whether or not a garden office is worth it to you will depend entirely on your personal circumstances. However, once you view purchasing a garden office as an investment in your future, career, and mental health, more often than not, it will be worth the investment.

Do Garden Offices Make You More Productive?

Several studies have proven garden offices to increase productivity while also offering several mental and physical benefits, such as more access to natural light, time spent outside, and other essential aspects we often neglect when working from home.

Where Can I Get The Highest-Quality Garden Rooms To Use As An Office?

At Summer House 24, we only offer the best garden office solutions for you. If you need help installing your garden office, we can help with that too!