How a Wooden Summer House Could Kickstart Your Dream Business


Are you considering starting your own business?

Perhaps you have had a business idea in mind for a long time, but you have struggled to dedicate time, effort, and space to your idea.

Or maybe you are already working on your business part-time or full-time, but you are searching for ways to take it to the next level.

Investing in a summer house is a great way to do just that! This article will examine how a wooden summer house could kickstart your dream business and help you achieve new goals and objectives.

Popular Uses for a Wooden Garden Building

Garden Office

It is no surprise that those of us that have a dedicated space for work tend to be more productive.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many benefits of working from home, but creating a distraction-free, dedicated space for your work can be very tricky.

With so many different things going on at home, it is so easy to find yourself putting out the washing one minute, and then three episodes into your favourite Netflix show!

Rather than constantly getting distracted or feeling uncomfortable trying to work from the kitchen table or your spare room, you can invest in a log cabin for your garden and have a space entirely dedicated to your business.

Move your work desk, chair, and other equipment into it, along with some more casual furniture, like a bookshelf and lounge sofa, and immerse yourself in all aspects of your business.

wooden garden rooms

Home Gym

Another popular use for wooden garden rooms is as a home gym.

If you are searching for ways to kickstart a career in health and fitness, having your own dedicated space where you can work with your clients is a real game-changer.

You could use it as a home gym for training as a personal trainer, for rehabilitation sessions as an injury expert, or even for sports massages as a physiotherapist.

Art Studio

A wooden summer house makes for a fantastic art studio! As you surround yourself with nature, it will be easy to get inspired by what you can see around you, and this will help bring your designs, drawings, or paintings to an even higher quality.

Creative Space

Sometimes you don’t need a space for a specific aspect of your business, but just an area you can dedicate to feeling creative and testing out new ideas.

How can a Wooden Log Cabin Help You Achieve Your Dreams?

wooden garden rooms

There are several ways that a wooden summer house can help you achieve your business objectives, but here are four of the main ones to consider.

A space free from distractions

For starters, a wooden summer house is an excellent place to work without any distractions.

Rather than hearing background noise from other rooms in your house, like the drum of a washing machine, or the chatter of a TV, you can completely control your environment and ensure you hear and don’t hear whatever you want.

Working without distractions is an excellent way to ensure you produce your best work and stay motivated and focused for longer.

You might even want to leave your phone in the house, reducing the chances of other people contacting you while you are in the zone.

Room to create

Being creative on demand isn’t easy at the best of times. But it is almost impossible if you don’t have the space to be creative.

A summer house can provide that space and help you turn your passion into a career. Suppose you want to pursue an art career, for example. In that case, having room to create is essential for your quality of work, and it will be much easier to achieve your goals than if you are trying to create room in a spare room or another room in your house that has multiple purposes.

Space to think

A wooden summer house also provides a fantastic space to think and plan your next steps. As you are outside in a log cabin or garden room, you are closer to nature and have access to more fresh air and natural light.

These things have gotten scientifically proven to help you think more clearly, which will help take your business to the next level.

Dedicated space

Nothing says you are serious about your business endeavours, like investing in a dedicated space to work on them!

Not only will it show other people how seriously you are taking your business venture, but you will also show yourself how much faith you have in your skills, which will go a long way to increasing your motivation and productivity.

Final Thoughts on How a Wooden Garden Room Can Help You Kickstart Your Dream Business

wooden garden rooms

Now you have all the information you need to kickstart your dream business. Whether you start it as a side hustle alongside your current job or put all your eggs into one basket, a wooden summer house is an excellent option to help you stay motivated, creative, and productive.

Get in touch today, and we can discuss how we can help you find the perfect summer house for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for garden buildings?

This is a tricky question and often tends to depend entirely on your personal situation and circumstances.

Whether or not you need planning permission depends on several factors, such as your available outdoor space, what type of summer house you choose, and where you plan to put it.

One of our top tips is always to check your local rules and regulations before purchasing.

Are wooden garden rooms energy efficient?

Summer House 24 summer houses offer excellent energy efficiency year-round, even in winter. We use superior quality Nordic spruce wood for additional insulation in winter and large windows and double doors for ventilation in summer.

What should I look for in a wooden summer house?

When choosing the perfect summer house consider what you plan on using the extra room for. Is it a space the whole family can enjoy? Are you going to use it for additional storage? Do you need to connect electric items such as laptops or a mini fridge?