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How to Decorate Your Contemporary Garden Rooms on a Budget

How to Decorate Your Contemporary Garden Rooms on a Budget

Contemporary garden rooms are a fantastic way to make you feel like you’re spending quality time with your family, your partner or by yourself in a little corner away from home when, in fact, you’re right in your backyard. But we all know just how expensive it can be to furnish and decorate an entire and separate space of your house. Not necessarily though. With the right ideas on how to decorate your contemporary garden rooms on a budget, you can save a lot and dream big!

Budget-Minded Ideas for Contemporary Garden Rooms

We’ve put together a list of the best ideas that don’t require a lot money to furnish and decorate a garden room. Or, better yet, that don’t require any money at all!

1. Make Good Use of Flowers

Flowers are some of the cheapest decorations you could possibly think of. Not only that, but they are a permanent solution to decorating your contemporary garden rooms, which means you only have to spend money on them once. Buy some seeds or bulbs, plant them directly into the ground or in ceramic pots and you’ve just brightened up the whole place on a dime!

2. Tables Can Be Made out of Anything

Yes, that is true. You can make a table out of almost anything if you’re creative and crafty enough. For example, if you can spot any large ‘spools’ left behind by workers or utility companies in your neighborhood, ask if you can have one. Turn it on its side, clean and polish it, and you have got yourself a brand new wooden table!

You can also make tables out of reclaimed wood or fruit crates. All the supplies you need are free of charge and you would be reusing them, thus helping the environment!

3. Buy Tiki Torches

An outdoor lighting set is very expensive. The same goes for setting up electric cables that go from your house or the main power grid all the way to your backyard contemporary garden rooms. However, if you want to avoid spending all that money, you can always use Tiki torches. They are quite cheap and create a fabulous atmosphere on hot summer nights.

4. Luminaries out of Jars

This is another idea that involves lighting and that will cost you next to nothing. When you go shopping and buy things that come in jars such as pickles, spreads or jams, don’t throw the containers away. Glass is a hardy material that behaves well in the outdoors.

Instead, you can paint them and add candles inside to make mason jar luminaries. They are so easy and so much fun to craft that you can even make a fresh batch for every occasion. Glue leaves to the jars in autumn to match the mood outside, add fake snow inside them in winter and sand from the beach in summertime to make you feel like you’ve brought a little holiday spirit home with you.

5. Paint Your Pots

There is absolutely no reason why the pots in your contemporary garden rooms should be boring and bland. Ceramic bowls for flowers usually come in a very classic earth color and, sometimes white or black. But you can change all that with a little trip to your local supply shop.

Don’t worry if you’re not a naturally born painter. Abstract patterns of triangles, dots, and lines will do just fine. It’s all about adding a little color and dimension to your backyard.

6. Make Your Own Planters and Pots

While we’re on the subject of pots and planters, you don’t even need to buy them. In fact, you can make a planter out of almost anything. Jars, ice cream containers, coffee cans, and pretty much anything you have on hand. It all depends on the size you need for the plants, herbs or flowers you plan on growing.

Remember to poke a few holes at the bottom of each container so that the excess water can drain through them. You can also decorate them if you have any leftover paint.

7. Stones and Rocks

This is one of the most amazing decorating ideas ever and it doesn’t cost one cent. All you have to do is start gathering or collecting beautiful and interesting rocks and stones that you see wherever you go. You can choose a theme or, better yet, a color scheme for your decorating purposes. So, for example, you could only pick yellowish rocks or gray ones or stones that come in tones of red and scarlet.

Choose different sizes and spread them in front of your garden room for a rustic and rugged look. It will make for a very low-cost design that everyone will envy you for.

8. Add a Large Mirror

You may have already heard about this trick before. You can put an oversized mirror on one of the walls to give the illusion of space or to fool the eye into believing there might be another room in there.

The great thing about this idea is the following. Since the mirror in itself won’t be used for its primary, reflecting purposes but rather for esthetic reasons, it doesn’t have to be a new one. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be in a great condition either. Therefore, you can buy it for a cheaper price at a garage sale or if you can spot a deal.

Every house owner who also has contemporary garden rooms in his or her backyard dreams of turning them into a space where they can luxuriate whenever they need to relax and escape for a little while. If the only thing that was standing between you and that lovely dream was your tight budget, you don’t have to worry anymore. These decorating ideas will help you turn your garden room into a comfortable haven that adds value to your life and your home without punching a hole in your wallet.

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