How to Choose the Right Summer House


Are you considering investing in a summer house or garden building but unsure how to choose the right one for your requirements?

Perhaps you have considered purchasing a summer house for some time now, but you are still unsure which type is right for you.

Do you need a corner summer house? A contemporary summer house? A log cabin?

When you start to do some research, you quickly see that although most summer houses seem similar, there are significant differences you need to consider.

That’s why we wrote this article, to help you choose the right summer house for your outdoor space.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Wooden Summer House

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What Is Your Budget?

Firstly, before you start looking at corner summer houses and summer house sheds, you need to establish what your budget is.

There is no point in shortlisting several of your favourite summer houses only to realise they are all out of your reach.

Sit down, establish a realistic budget, and stick to it when searching for a summer house.

At Summer House 24, we understand the importance of sticking to a budget, which is why each category page has a built-in price slider. This price slider lets you set your ideal budget and immediately remove any listings that are outside of it, making it quicker and easier to find your perfect summer house.

Where Are You Going To Put It?

Once you have identified what your budget is for your garden building purchase, it is time to consider where you want to put it.

When making these considerations, try to establish where the sun rises and sets. You want to ensure your summer house gets as much natural light as possible. High-quality wooden summer houses, such as the ones on sale at Summer House 24, will use natural light to keep your wooden summer house warm.

Plus, if it ever gets too hot, you can always open the double doors to allow plenty of fresh air in.

Are you planning on turning your wooden summer house into the main focus of your garden space, or would you rather it was tucked away in the corner?

Traditional summer houses tend to come in various shapes and sizes, some of which look good in the middle of a garden and others more suited to the side.

How Visible Do You Want It To Be?

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Another consideration is how visible you would like your summer house to be. That could determine how far you place it from your house or where you place it in correspondence to your neighbour’s windows.

While contemporary summer houses can be incredibly relaxing, it is hard to get in the zone if you feel watched or exposed.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

Planning permission is another vital aspect you must consider when buying a summer house or another wooden building.

It is always best to check the planning permission rules and regulations in your area, but as a rule of thumb, any outdoor building that is over half the garden in size will require permission before it is installed.

Definitely don’t undertake summer house installation without checking the laws and regulations in your area first!

What Do You Plan To Use Your Garden Summer House For?

Next, factor in what you plan on using your summer house for. For example, small summer houses are excellent for home office purposes but not always ideal for other uses, such as a home gym.

If you only want to use your summer house for storage, cheaper summer houses could be an option, as aspects such as wall thickness and insulation are not as important.

Are You Going To Use It All Year Round?

Next, are you planning on using your summer house all year round? If so, you need a summer house that has excellent wall thickness and insulation purposes.

A Summer House 24, all our buildings use a tongue and groove system for the walls, which allows the summer house to move with the expansions and contracts of the wood during different weather temperatures.

This ensures no holes appear, which can significantly impact the ventilation and insulation.

Final Thoughts on Summer Houses and How to Pick the Perfect One

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Now you have all the information you need to pick the perfect summer house for your garden space.

The question now is, which one are you going to choose?

Get in touch today, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect summer house for your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Buildings and Summer Houses

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What Should I Look For In A Summer House?

When choosing a summer house, you should look for something that is high-quality, within budget and comes with excellent customer service.

What Is The Best Type Of Summer House?

The best type of summer house will depend entirely on your preferences and needs. Some people prefer corner summer houses, whereas others prefer log cabins or other garden buildings.

What Is The Best Size For A Summer House?

Choosing the best size of summer house will depend on what you plan to use your summer house for and how large your garden is.


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