How to Make a Small Garden House Feel More Spacious


Make a Small Garden House Feel More Spacious

Small garden rooms come with many benefits. They fit perfectly in any garden or outdoor space, they can be used for many different purposes, and they are the most affordable option if you are looking to add some extra space to your home. In addition to that, small summer houses are easier to maintain and to use year-round. Heating or cooling a small space is not very difficult and an AC unit might be enough. With a larger garden room, however, you’ll surely need a more complex heating system, especially if you plan on using it year-round as a garden office, granny annexe, garden gym, etc.

So, if you are already the proud owner of a small garden house a.k.a. tiny house or garden pod, keep reading our article to find out how to make the most of your space.

Small Garden House Feel More Spacious

Choosing the right furniture

When it comes to making a garden house feel more spacious, the right furniture can make a huge difference. There are a few important aspects to consider when choosing the furniture for your garden pod. First off, it’s always better to keep it simple and to choose a few attractive and useful items instead of having a lot of stuff taking up space and gathering dust. A few well-designed furniture items will make the room seem bigger. It’s important to remember that clutter should be avoided at all costs, so if you manage to keep it simple, you’re halfway there.

Choose high pieces of furniture such as bookcases, cabinets, or other types of storage spaces that go all the way to the ceiling. If you plan on using your garden pod as a garden office, as a studio, or as extra storage, you’ll surely need plenty of storage space.

Another extremely effective design trick is to choose furniture with legs. Desks, tables, sofas, and chairs that have sleek legs instead of bulky ones will make the garden pod feel more open and airy. Try to avoid pieces that have skirted bases or that sit directly on the ground.

Choose a few transparent pieces. See-through materials take up more visual space, thus making a tiny room seem bigger. You can choose a transparent coffee table, or a set of clear dining room chairs, or glass end tables. If you plan on using your garden pod as a man cave, as a game room, as a place for your kids to have some fun, or a place to throw awesome garden parties it’s best to avoid glass items as they are quite fragile and choose plastic.

How to Make a Small Garden House Feel More Spacious

Decorating the walls

If you plan on using your garden pod as an extra bedroom, guest room, hobby room, garden office, or anything that involves spending a lot of time there, decorating the walls is a must. You can use wall decorating to your advantage with a few effective tips and tricks. The first thing that any interior designer will tell you about making a room feel more spacious is that you need at least one mirror. The great thing about mirrors is that they are useful, they look nice, and they allow light to bounce around the room, making it seem bigger. Another trick is can place a mirror near the window to enjoy a reflection of your garden. Also, mirrored cabinet doors can be combined with transparent table tops to make the room feel more open.

Once you’ve chosen a nice mirror (or several), it’s time to start searching for some wall art. The best way to make a small garden pod feel grander is by opting for large-scale wall art. Experts have found that viewing artwork while working is extremely beneficial. So, if you use your garden pod as an office, or as an art studio, looking at a painting can reduce stress, can make you more productive, and restore your mental energy.

Choose a colour palette that doesn’t overpower the space, but blends with it nicely. Minimalist pieces are great options especially if the colours complement the backdrop nicely. Light-colored prints of beaches and water are a great choice, but you can also go for abstract art. The frame is another important detail that should match the furniture and the walls. The color of the wall paint is quite important when choosing a frame. Natural wood frames are perfect for light-colored walls. Avoid using black frames on white walls, as they can make the space look fragmented.

Extra Tips and Tricks

  • – You can make your garden pod feel more spacious by painting the walls in a very light colour or a very dark one. Medium shades can have the opposite effect and can make it more difficult to create contrast.
  • – Multi-functional furniture is very useful when it comes to tiny garden pods and we’re lucky that there are many affordable items available on the market including shelf floor lamps, storage stools and benches, convertible chair beds, pull-out sofas, drop-leaf console tables, storage stepladders, the cubist ottoman, etc.
  • – Long curtains and drapes can also make a room seem bigger and they are quite essential if you want to block some of that intense summer sunlight. We recommend installing your curtains right below the ceiling and allowing them to hang down to the floor. Ikea is a great place to find this type of curtains.
  • – Invest in a high-quality, well-designed ceiling light fixture that will draw the eye and will add height to the room. Flush mounts are a perfect solution for garden rooms.
  • – Last but not least, use your imagination. You get to choose what your space feels like and what it looks like. The greatest thing about having a garden office is that you get to work in a space that fits your needs and preferences.

Don’t own a small garden office yet? Take a look at some of our most popular small garden offices and choose the one that is perfect for you.


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