How to Make the Most of a Shed Garden Office


The secret is out.

Garden offices can take your work, health, and garden aesthetic to all new heights!

While thousands of people across the country have already made the jump and purchased their own garden office, you might need a bit more information before making the same decision.

Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

Garden Office

A Garden Office Pod is a Worthwhile Investment… And Here’s Why

It is no secret that there are countless ways a garden office will improve your work, but many people are unaware of the other ways a garden office can add value to your life.

Let’s have a look at some of the key ones.

Your Mental Health

Not only can a garden building provide much-needed seclusion from the world to focus on work, but it can also significantly benefit your mental health.

When working from a garden office, you will benefit from more natural light and time spent with nature, improving your overall mood and stress levels.

Working from home can bring with it many benefits, but also several potential distractions. Having your own secret workspace at the bottom of the garden can help you declutter your mind, reducing anxiety and improving your overall mood.

Your Productivity

Alongside the mental health benefits, a garden office can make you significantly more productive at work. Without the additional stresses and distractions that can occur at home, you will be blown away by how much more work you can do with your own

Your Work Ethic

Not only will you find your productivity rising, but you will also find your work ethic increasing simultaneously.

Productivity is one thing and can help in the short term, but finding joy and passion in your work will have monumental long-term benefits.

If you run your own business and your work ethic increases, you can take on more work, provide a better service for your clients, and become more profitable.

If you work for someone else, you can impress them with the quality of your work and put yourself at the forefront of their mind when it comes to promotions or pay increases.

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What to Look for in a Garden Office

Double Glazed Windows

You might think double-glazed windows are standard with a garden office, but some summer houses sold cheaply only offer single glazing.

Not only does that make your garden summer house less safe and secure, but it also allows plenty of hot air to leave the room, making your garden office less friendly and cozy.

A Small or Large Garden Office

What size is the right size?

Well, that will depend entirely on your requirements and the size of your garden!

If you only have a small garden, you might only be able to fit a smaller garden office in your garden. Equally, if your business requires it, you may need to opt for something bigger.

Ultimately, this will depend on your personal circumstances.


Insulation should be at the top of your list if you want to use your garden studio all year round. An insulated garden office ensures you can use your garden room for work all year round.

Garden office pods can be a fantastic investment and an excellent option for work, but it can feel like a waste if you can’t use your log cabin office for certain months of the year.

You might also worry about leaving high-tech equipment in any log cabins that don’t have the necessary insulation.


Fortunately, Summer House 24 garden offices come in various shapes and sizes, so you can pick a style that perfectly suits you and your garden. 

Everyone has their own taste and style, and there’s a garden office that suits all styles (even some styles you certainly wouldn’t choose yourself!).

Whether it is a more modern style or you would prefer to opt for a traditional summer house, the choice is yours.

Garden Office

Final Thoughts on Garden Office Buildings

In summary, a shed garden office can be a fantastic addition to any garden. Whether a large or small garden office, it can do wonders for your productivity and headspace while housing all your necessary garden equipment.

Still not sure what the right garden summer house looks like for you? Contact us today! Our friendly sales team is happy to help you find your dream office hobby room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Offices

Is a garden office a good use of garden space?

Garden rooms offer much-needed peace and quiet at work while not wasting valuable garden storage space.

Should I opt for a modern garden office?

Ultimately, your chosen garden office style will depend on your preferences. Still, there are several benefits related to choosing a modern garden office, such as high-quality materials and sleek design.

What planning permission do I need for my outdoor office space?

Whether or not you need planning permission will depend on several factors, such as the size of your chosen wooden garden office, where you plan on placing it, how large your garden is, and other key factors. Always check your local laws before purchasing.