Electric or Wood-fired Sauna?
09.05.2024 / Guides

Enjoying an outdoor sauna, particularly when followed by a refreshing cold plunge, is an incredibly invigorating experience. Regular sauna sessions offer a wealth of physical and emotional benefits, making a backyard installation a great investment. Various models are available with different designs, features, and heating systems, but the heating system is arguably the most crucial…

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What is the ideal temperature for a sauna?
18.03.2024 / Guides

Whether you are new to saunas or an experienced user, you might be curious to learn about the ideal sauna temperatures. When it comes to how hot a sauna should be, the answer is not a very straightforward one because there are several factors involved such as the type of sauna that you are using,…

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How to Assemble a Garden Sauna Cabin: A DIY Tutorial
24.05.2021 / Guides

Transforming your backyard into a serene wellness retreat with a Finnish-style garden sauna cabin is a journey of both leisure and craftsmanship. Our DIY garden sauna cabins, rooted in traditional Finnish techniques, offer the pinnacle of design and quality. Equipped with essentials like sauna benches, spacious rooms, headrests, insulated ceilings, stove guards, and wooden floor…

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Window Cleaning Tips for Sauna Cabins
17.12.2019 / Useful Tips

You have invested in a new sauna cabin with the key idea of having a special place at home for R&R? A spot where you can take care and sustain good mental and physical health? At Summer House 24, we know the benefits of going to a sauna are many and having one is a…

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Outdoor Sauna or Indoor Sauna – Which is the Right Choice for You?
18.12.2018 / Guides

A sauna can not only provide pleasant experiences during the cold times of the year, but it has also been proven to cause some health benefits. Did you know that regular saunaing has a proven protective effect against colds and infections? Mood and energy levels are raised, itching is reduced, blood pressure is lowered, as…

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10 Ultimate Advantages of a Garden Sauna
12.05.2017 / Useful Tips

In the UK, where the hustle of daily life often leaves little room for relaxation and wellness, the concept of a home sauna has become increasingly appealing. This article explores the 10 key benefits of owning a sauna in your backyard, backed by scientific facts and studies, to understand why investing in a sauna could…

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