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  • 10 advantages of a garden sauna cabin

    A fountain of health And relaxation

    10 Advantages of a Garden Sauna Cabin

    Be it a garden sauna cabin, a summer house with sauna, a full grown garden gym & SPA centre or just a simple small sauna shed: What ever make or size you prefer; it’s what a sauna can do to your physical health and your mental and physical relaxation that really counts.

    Imagine doing sauna in the beauty of your own garden: How nice would it be to sit and relax after a cooling bath in cold water on a deckchair wrapped in warming blankets overlooking your own garden and enjoying the view, maybe planning for future beds and cultures breathing the cool fresh air oxygenated by your own green little paradise.
    In many houses space is one of the most precious commodities, and most families would have some problems to spare even just three to four square meters for a very small sauna using a cold shower in the bathroom let alone ten to sixteen square meters for a complete sauna with dressing room, showers, a cold water tub and the actual sauna cabin. And deck chairs take a lot of space, too.

    So the garden is the place to go if you want to enjoy the many benefits that sauna can give you. Avoid crowded public saunas with questionable hygienic standards, and enjoy your own place in the garden as a social hub for healthy wellness with friends and family.

    A garden sauna cabin offers many benefits for your health and the health of your loved ones

    Apart from the fresh air and relative quietness in your garden being a health promoting factor in itself, your garden sauna cabin will have a number of benefits specific to saunaing.

    1. Saunas flush toxins.
      Due to the heating up of the core body temperature from the heat of the sauna, the body reacts with sweating. Now that is something that most of us don’t do on a regular basis. At least not that much. However, deep sweating has a number of proven health benefits. It helps reduce levels of toxins as for example lead, mercury, nickel, copper and other poisons we just absorb daily by everyday interactions with the environment. These may enter the body in very small and harmless doses, but still are the benefits of regular detoxification of the body described multiple times in medical technical literature. This detoxification is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of saunas.
    2. Saunas relieve stress.
      Stress reduction is one other great and very popular argument for you to get your own garden sauna cabin. You may question if not regular meditation would rather be the appropriate means of choice to effectively fight chronic stress and you would be right. But is taking a sauna not a form of meditation? After all you don’t need to take a book with you or listen to the radio while you are in the heat. Concentrating on your body is a form of meditation. And we definitively recommend taking a quiet meditative time in your deck chair on your sauna cabin terrace after the cold bath, and feel the body glowing from inside, while the skin recovers from the shock of the cold water.As a matter of fact, stepping into your garden sauna cabin and closing the door on the rest of the world out there is one form of stress-relieve that is favoured by many.
      Endorphins released by the physical relaxation of the muscles are your very own all-natural “feel good” substance and provide a long lasting stress relieving effect.
    3. Saunas help in weight loss.
      This one is true, but if you expect your garden sauna cabin to substitute for physical activity you might be one step short of what is really healthy. Regular saunaing has a supporting effect though. Sweating burns calories and the loss of liquid leads to considerable weight losses during a sauna session, but we would recommend viewing your garden sauna cabin as just one more of many tools in your arsenal of calorie burning measures.Another function burning calories during sauna is your heart activity because of the stimulating effect on your circulation and the dilating of the blood vessels.
    4. Saunas make the immune system stronger.
      Medical research from Germany shows that saunas could significantly reduce colds and influenza amongst regular participants. One reason seems to be that the production of white blood cells is stimulated which helps to kill bacteria and viruses. So if you suffer from colds and influenza regularly, your new garden sauna cabin could save you some visits to the doctor’s. Another beneficial thing is the steam vapour – often with Eucalyptus or other etheric oils added – relieves congestions and symptoms of colds or allergies.
    5. Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches in muscles and joints.
      If you do sports regularly a garden sauna cabin could be just right for you because besides the soothing and pain relieving endorphin effect, sauna increases circulation and body temperature and helps speeding up the healing. Muscle tension is relaxed and blood vessels are dilated. Thus elimination of lactic acid goes hand in hand with the enhanced healing of minor damages to muscular microfibres.
    6. Sauna cleanses the skin.
      Bathing in heat is a very old strategy of cleansing your skin. Skin cells are replaced, bacteria are rinsed out of the epidermal layer and sweat ducts. Capillary circulation is improved which has a detoxifying and regenerating effect and all of this makes your skin softer and more sensitive. With a fully functioning, healthy skin you will be in good contact with everything and everybody around you.
    7. Sauna bathing induces a deeper sleep.
      The exact mechanism of how a garden sauna cabin will improve your sleep are not fully discovered yet. Still it is an experience of many sauna bathers worldwide. Probably the falling body temperatures in connection with the decline in endorphins facilitate a natural sleepiness and the depth of the experience, the cleansing and enhanced circulation are natural means to facilitating deep sleep which sometimes already sets in during the rests on the deck of the garden sauna cabin.
    8. Saunas improve cardiovascular performance.
      As a matter of fact the German doctor Sebastian Kneipp made alternating baths popular already in 1853 as an ailment to many discomforts among them cardiovascular problems.Heart rates during the sweating period are observed to rise to 110-120 bpm and during the acute cooling in cold water then will increase this by another 60%.
      Regular cardiovascular training by sauna bathing in your garden sauna will train your heart muscle and improve the ratio of heart rate to cardiac output. Moreover it is a perfect training for the body’s regulatory system.
    9. Saunas are good for your hair.
      It must be said that experiences with different hair types are… well, different. If you have a problem with dry hair, your hair might be grateful for giving it some steam in the garden sauna and with it some much needed moisture.Basically the scalp is just another piece of skin and thus will profit from detox, sweating and regeneration. Dryness and flaking as well as excessive-oil production can improve by using your garden sauna cabin regularly. Some women have had very good experiences lately by reducing the use of shampoo down to zero. However this improvement only comes after a several week long period of adjustment, and alternative means of cleaning like lava-earth, rye flour or just pure water are employed.
    10. Saunas can improve your social life
      Your new garden sauna cabin will not be a secret to your friends for very long. The family of course will also want to participate. So why not discover the garden sauna cabin as a hub for fun with friends and family or as a perfect environment for quiet private talks. The peaceful environment of such a place, the private setting, the collective experience is an excellent backdrop to really go deep with one another, if you wish so or just have some fun with heat, cold, water, nature and each other.

    All in all a garden sauna cabin will improve your quality of life

    A bath in a garden sauna cabin is just the very best thing that helps you “cool down” after a hard day at work. Only that this is achieved by heating you up and relaxing you this way. Imagine how comfortable it would be to sit in your hot garden log cabin on a cold winter day watching your garden through the large glass door of the sauna cabin.
    Those who say a sauna in the house would have a similar effect underestimate the fun to be had from the contrast of the cold outside and the heat inside the sauna cabin. Your garden sauna cabin does not need regular heating other than a frost protection, so the water in the tub will be really cold and a perfect experience for your over-heated body to submerge in.
    Apart from the stress relieve after work, a garden sauna will be something to be experienced with your friends and can give a perfect opportunity for talks and socializing.
    On the other hand the garden sauna could be a refuge, a private, personal area, where you retreat for relaxation and solitude. The garden sauna cabin environment is suited for many purposes.

    Which size to choose for your garden sauna cabin

    The size of an ideal garden sauna cabin of course depends on many factors, as for example the number of people who should be able to fit into the sauna at the same time.
    Another thing to consider is: What about changing your clothes? Will you walk through your garden in your bathrobe with slippers and even if you are ready to do this, you will need some space to leave the bathrobe during the sauna bath and for towels, blankets and so forth.

    Because of the sweating a shower would be good, which would usually also have to be installed there. However a cold shower alone is not ideal to cool off. Submerging the body into cold water is much more intense and a plunge bath in a cold pool would be ideal. So for all who are not lucky owners of an outside swimming pool, thus able to experience diving in the water through a hole in the ice during winter, which is a really great experience by the way, there should be enough space in the sauna cabin for a tub with cold water.

    Next thing to consider would be that relaxing during the rest on a deck chair is much nicer outside in fresh air than inside the cabin. So a covered terrace for resting undisturbed by rain or snow is a necessity for the full package.

    Considering all these points it seems that a garden sauna cabin should have at least about 10, maybe 20 m²,

    Commercially nearly all sizes from 4 m² cabins to nearly 30 m² Garden gym & SPA centres are offered but for all the purposes mentioned above including an inside changing room sizes from 12 to 18 m² will usually do.

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