Garden Summer houses

How to Create a Beautiful Garden Summer House in 5 Simple Steps 19.07.2018

Garden summer houses have regularly proven to be a good investment for any property owner due to a remarkable increase of property market values for those properties. A cosy outdoor living space makes the whole property so much more desirable that the property value will take an immediate boost. However, how can you create such…

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Garden Summer Houses Get More Popular in the UK 15.12.2017

Not so long ago garden summer houses could not really compete with simple garden sheds when it comes to popularity. The garden shed functioned as the workhouse in the garden, the place to store the gardening tools and those needed for all DIY, and in many cases, it was not only there for storage but…

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How to Secure Your Summer House Against Break-Ins 28.06.2017

A summer house, a garden shed or just any kind of garden outbuilding can be a target of thieves not only because they want to steal anything stored in there, but more often so because they are looking for tools they can use to break into the main house. So to secure your summer house…

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