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Quick Guide to Residential Log Cabins UK
20.04.2022 / Guides

Residential log cabins are a modern solution to modern problems. Built from high-quality materials, equipped with insulation, and designed to fit all needs and purposes, these attractive outbuildings are enjoying a lot of popularity nowadays. Commonly referred to as log cabins or log houses, these structures can now be found under many different names such…

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7 Common Foundation Mistakes to Avoid When Building Garden Log Cabins
25.03.2022 / Useful Tips

The foundation is the most important part of building a sturdy structure. The main purpose of the foundation is to hold your garden log cabin up. Without it, the whole cabin might sink into the ground unevenly and it might be severely damaged. A good foundation should provide support and should protect the entire building…

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Residential Log Cabin Interior Design Trends for 2022
16.02.2022 / Inspiration

The way we think about our home and outdoor space has changed considerably over the past two years. Being forced to spend more time at home has made us more open to making changes and investing our time, money, and effort into creating a cosy environment. In addition to that, we’ve also become more aware…

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How to Prepare Your Log Cabin Home for Winter
27.12.2021 / How To

Winter is right around the corner, and, as the cold weather is making its presence known, your log cabin will require some extra attention. The winter months can be delightful and the first snow is a much-awaited event, but it the increased levels of humidity and frost can also cause some problems. If you haven’t…

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Quick Guide to Buying a Garden Log Cabin
24.10.2021 / Guides

If you are currently looking for the perfect garden log cabin but you feel like you need more information on the topic, you’ve come to the right place. Searching for a log cabin for your garden can be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve already looked around and noticed that there are so many different…

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6 Interior Design Tips for Cozy Garden Log Cabins
18.12.2020 / Useful Tips

If you love nature, then you surely love garden log cabins as well. There’s nothing better than spending some quiet and relaxing time in a cozy garden room, surrounded by nature. Whether you want to embrace the rustic style or to follow a more modern and minimalist style, we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared a…

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Choosing a Log Cabin – Which One Is the Best for Me?
24.08.2020 / Guides

Are you a homeowner who is currently considering investing in a log cabin? Then you already know that there’s a huge variety of summer houses and garden buildings available on the market. So choosing the right one might be a challenge. Log cabins come in a wide range of sizes, from tiny storage units to…

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Garden Log Cabins Design and Features – A Quick Guide
03.08.2020 / Guides

As more and more homeowners are looking for ways to increase the value of their property, garden log cabins are growing in popularity. Log cabins are a profitable investment especially if you need extra storage space, a home office, a separate hobby room, a guest house, or a garden room to entertain your guests. Read…

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A Garden Office – The Solution to Working from Home during the Pandemic
18.05.2020 / Useful Tips

Working from Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are perfect examples of how working from home can be an effective way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. According to a recent article published by The Telegraph, we might as well get used to working from home because this…

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Structured Simplicity: Making Garden Log Cabin Your Sanctuary With Japandi
25.02.2020 / Inspiration

Being connected to nature is the best way to keep yourself healthy and full of life, and nowadays, we are so consumed with productivity and consumerism that many people forget what it is like to live with less. Besides, leaving the concrete jungle for a bit can have great benefits to your mental and physical…

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FAQ Time – Everything You Need to Know About Large Log Cabins
11.02.2020 / Guides

Large log cabins have a subtle way of helping you rediscover how charming nature and simple wood structures can be. The smell and the texture of the logs bring you closer to the forest right in your backyard in a straightforward yet undeniable way. This is one of the main reasons why large log cabins…

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Guide For Treatment of Garden Log Cabins
12.08.2019 / Useful Tips

So you bought a garden log cabin, installed it in your backyard, and there it sits. You might now be wondering, why should I maintain it? What are the benefits of that? Maintaining your garden log cabins will offer them a prolonged life and make sure you get to enjoy your beautiful outdoor rooms to…

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How to Make Your Wooden Log Cabin a Weekend Cottage
30.08.2017 / How To

Do you already own a wooden log cabin or do you consider buying one to make it a weekend cottage? If you think of buying one you will rather think of choosing a larger size because a weekend cottage needs to have all the amenities of a normal house – maybe even more. Of course,…

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How to Make your Wooden Log Cabin Durable
11.05.2017 / How To

Buildings built from timber, like wooden log cabins can potentially last for many centuries. In Northern Europe or Japan, where building with timber is more common, there are many wooden buildings with ages of more than 1000 years. Can your wooden log cabin last that long, too? The answer is: Why not? Dry timber is…

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