Choosing a Log Cabin – Which One Is the Best for Me?


Are you a homeowner who is currently considering investing in a log cabin? Then you already know that there’s a huge variety of summer houses and garden buildings available on the market. So choosing the right one might be a challenge. Log cabins come in a wide range of sizes, from tiny storage units to lavish guest houses and they can be equipped with many different features like double-glazed windows, separate bathrooms, extra-thick floorboards, and insulation.

That being said, the most important thing is deciding what you plan on doing with your log cabin. A lot of homeowners will choose a primary use and a secondary use when purchasing this type of structure. For instance, you might want to use your log cabin primarily as a home office and as a guest house whenever you have guests. Other popular uses for log cabins are storage space, garage, hobby room, game room, extra classroom (for schools who need more space due to the COVID-19 pandemic), granny annexe, summer kitchen, sauna, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular log cabins to make the choosing process a bit easier for you.

Workshop shed/Spacious Storage

If you are looking for a log cabin that would make a perfect workshop shed or spacious storage unit, our Eva F Garden Workshop is the best option available on the market. Practical and durable, this garden workshop is every homeowner’s dream. With plenty of room to store your lawnmowers, tools, and gardening equipment, this log cabin will also keep your garden furniture safe from rain, snow, and unwanted attention. The Eva F log cabin is easy to install, it has a simple structure, and it’s made of high-quality materials. It is equipped with three windows, so you’ll have plenty of light to work on your projects. It is worth mentioning that like all of our cabins, EVA F can be customized and it can even be installed mirrored.


The Type H Garage and Carport combination is a safe bet in terms of wooden garages. Having high aesthetic qualities, these structures are also versatile and affordable. A lot of clients have chosen this log cabin because it’s made of sturdy and durable 44mm wall planks, 4 metal rod insertions, and double glazed doors and windows. The Type H Garage is spacious enough for you to park your car and to store all of your car accessories such as tools, winter tires, your bikes, etc. The greatest advantage of the garage/carport combination is that it can easily be repurposed. The installation process only takes 2-3 days and positions of the garage and carport can be swapped to best suit your space.

Garden Office

A garden office is a great investment, especially in this day and age when more and more people are forced to work from home. The Lucas E contemporary garden log cabin is our most popular product when it comes to home offices. With an indoor area of 9m2 and a nice veranda where you can check your emails while enjoying a nice cup of coffee, the Lucas E log cabin is exactly what you need. Weatherproof, private, eco-friendly, and affordable, the garden office will increase the curb appeal of your property and will make it easy to sell, if you ever want to. The high-quality sliding doors are a nice feature as they can be left open when the weather is nice to make the place seem more spacious.

Extra Bedroom/Guestroom

The Oscar 3-room garden house is a great choice if you need a place to accommodate your guests. Having friends and family over is awesome, especially if you have plenty of room and they can spend the night in a comfortable and private guest house. Adding a guest house cabin on your property is much cheaper than modifying your home or buying a bigger one. Additionally, like the garden office, the guest house will also increase the value of your property because it is a versatile structure. That means that a potential buyer can find other purposes for it, be it a hobby room, a game room, a garden sitting area, and so on. To make the guest house even more comfortable for your loved ones it is highly recommended to equip the Oscar garden house with an Internet connection, an AC system, and a private bathroom. Installing the bathroom won’t be an issue, because this garden house is very spacious. One of our customers describes it as ‘an excellently engineered piece at a reasonable price’ so it’s safe to say that this log cabin is a safe choice.

Now that you know more about our most popular log cabins and their different uses, making a choice will surely be a bit easier. We recommend checking out all of our products and analyzing their features because who knows, you might find something you like more. Our summer houses are eco-friendly, have a unique design and a modern look, and have the best price-quality ratio. So why not invest in a multi-purpose log cabin today?