Choosing the Right Wall Thickness for Your Garden Building


What is the right wall thickness for your garden building

The most common wall thickness used for garden buildings is between 28mm and 92mm. You can find cabins with less than 20mm walls on the market, but these are mostly very small tool sheds or poor quality garden houses with a short life span. We would not recommend you go for less than 28 mm wall thickness.

28 mm walls are single tongue and groove logs and suitable for storage sheds and smaller seasonal garden rooms up to 10 m2. If you are after a small garden building for the warmer part of the year with a very affordable price, these garden rooms and storage sheds with 28mm wall thickness are a smart choice.

40-70mm wall logs have double tongue & groove and with these walls you can easily go for 20 m2 garden buildings and even larger. 58-92mm wall logs are good enough for 25-45 m2 weekend homes, guest houses and extra large garden buildings.

If you are looking for a sturdy garden office, games room or a garden billiards room for all year round use then you should go for 44-58 mm wall thickness and make sure that the cabin has double glazing in windows and doors. These cabins can be insulated (floor, roof and windows) with a small amount of extra work and a little extra cost and then the garden house is good to use 365 days a year. A log burner or small electric heater will make your cabin extra cosy during the winter months.

Wall thickness and window type are big price factors. That is one of the reasons why two similar looking garden buildings may appear to have a big price difference on first sight. Look a little closer and check out the details with wall thickness, base timbers and glazing.

Cabins on by wall thickness:

  • 28mm garden buildings
  • 44mm garden buildings
  • 58mm garden buildings
  • 70-92mm garden buildings


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