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  • The 7 Greatest Advantages of Wooden Summer Houses

    The 7 Greatest Advantages of Wooden Summer Houses

    Wooden summer houses are becoming very popular now worldwide. Originally, they were intended for use during the summer. A simple timber construction would do, usually no heating or insulation would be necessary. Water and electricity would increase the comfort for use during the evenings, for watering the plants or a quick hand-wash after the gardening.

    However, contemporary wooden summer houses have introduced new features following the popular demand. New usages as guest rooms, holiday cottages, garden saunas, garden offices, spas, garden lounges and most of all: Mixtures of usages have spawned new designs and increased versatility.

    The top 7 benefits of wooden summer houses

    Before making a considerable investment to purchase a wooden summer house, it is advisable to research different designs, qualities, and features, and to make up your mind, wether the benefits really outweigh the financial demand and the time-consumption connected with planning, preparations, and actual construction of a timber summer house.

    So, here are some facts to consider:

    1. Extra living space for very competitive prices
      95% of all homeowners would agree that they could use a little more space. Just one extra room would change a lot. If it would be dedicated to a hobby, if it would be really necessary, like a room for a relative or child, a workshop, a garden shed, or if it would just make some things easier like a storage room that could have some cabinets, shelves, and cupboards in it to store all the things that just seem to be in the way in the house, and seemingly never have found the right place for themselves. It might have a sofa or a bed for the occasional late friend to stay the night and so forth.
      Now, looking at the square feet to cost ratio, it has clearly been shown that any kind of extension of the house, if possible at all, would always be more expensive than just erecting the missing room in the garden by purchasing a wooden summer house.
    2. Benefits for the garden
      Do you like gardening? Or do you just keep it in order so the neighbours don’t complain? What ever your garden means to you: a wooden summer house changes its character to the better. it makes it more inhabitable, it changes the character of a garden from just “something outside” to an extension of the house, something to live in, something to be at home in.
      Of course, apart from the mere change of character of your garden, wooden garden houses have concrete benefits, too, resulting from their usefulness.
    3. Wooden summer houses keep the garden tidy
      Do you have things in your garden that should rather be stored in a safe and dry place like a summer garden house? Or do you store these things in the garage or in the cellar, where you could rather use this space for other things?
      Gardening tools in the garden may not only pose a risk for playing children, but can also be used as tools for casual burglars to break into buildings. Storing these tools in a secure location, like a summer house that could mainly be used for all kinds of different purposes, would reduce risks, and prolong the lifespan of the stored things at the same time.
      Moreover, a tidy garden is a nicer view.
    4. Wooden summer houses increase the value of your property
      With the erection of a wooden summer house, your property will get an immediate boost on the real estate market. Additional structures on a property indicate full development with extra functions. Another advantage is just simply the decoration that a wooden summerhouse constitutes in your What ever the reasons are: Experience shows that wooden summer houses make properties much more attractive on the market.
    5. Wooden summer houses are economical, quickly available, and long-lasting
      Compared to buildings made from stones, concrete, and bricks, prefabricated wooden summer houses are more affordable, much quicker erected, and ready to use in just a few weeks after the purchase.
      You could even make a wooden summer house an additional source of income if you rent it out to travellers or holiday guests via the internet which has become increasingly easier in the past few years with platforms catering to all your needs from bookings to billings.
    6. Large versatility
      Why bother with planning different floor plans, construction, extra functions if there is a huge versatility of wooden summer houses to choose from readily available on the internet? The versatility has become so great that it is nearly guaranteed for you to find a model that fits not only your targeted purpose, but also satisfies your demands to its aesthetic appeal.
      Another thing about timber is that any do-it-yourself extensions be it outside or inside will always be easy as wood is an ideal material to work with, and nearly everybody knows, how to do it.
      Moreover, wooden summer houses can easily be painted in all available colours in the context of regular maintenance which can add even more features to their versatility.
    7. Wood is an eco-friendly building material
      Wooden summer houses are made from a renewable, sustainable building material that is grown and regrown locally close to the manufacturing facilities. Not only is their energy – and carbon footprint very small, they also offer a natural, healthy, comfortable, and cosy living atmosphere.
      However, timber is not only eco-friendly, but it also is an excellent natural insulator which will be a good choice for all buildings you plan to use all year round because insulating a wooden structure to a very high insulating value is much easier than doing this with a heat-conducting material like stones, bricks, or concrete.
      Wooden summer houses will fit perfectly into any natural environments, like gardens, because they are nature themselves.

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