The Many Advantages and Few Disadvantages of Wooden Summer Houses


Over the past couple of years, summer houses made of wood have become increasingly popular. These versatile constructions are made almost entirely out of timber and have many interesting features. Even though they are built mainly for summer use, their sturdiness makes them ideal for all-year-round use. Wooden summer houses are considered a great investment by homeowners and property investors alike as they have a lot of advantages and not that many disadvantages.

Depending on their design and features, garden log cabins have certain strengths and weaknesses. Some people might think that log cabins are a financially-demanding investment, while others feel like they might be difficult to maintain. However, to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash, it is very important to understand whether or not buying a summer house made of wood is a good investment for you.

The Upsides of Investing in a Wooden Summer House

Wooden summer houses can increase the value of your property – Adding a log cabin on your property can increase its real estate value immediately. Properties that have additional structures are extremely popular and people love the fact that they have extra functions. Another great advantage is that a garden with a wooden summer house looks amazing and it will make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

Log cabins are eco-friendly – Wooden summer houses are made entirely out of sustainable and renewable materials that are grown locally. Additionally, the carbon footprint of wooden structures is extremely small and producing timber does not require the use of fossil fuels. So it’s safe to say that if you want to protect Mother Nature and are looking for a comfortable, natural, and healthy solution, a wooden summer house is a great option.

Wood is an energy-efficient material – The good news is that timber isn’t just eco-friendly, but it is also a great insulation material. So, if you are planning to use your wooden summer house all year round, you’ll be pleased to learn that wooden structures have a higher insulating value than other building materials like bricks, stones, or concrete. Because wooden summer houses are made entirely out of natural materials, they are extremely energy efficient. As mentioned above, wood is a great insulator, so this type of structure can lower your electricity and utility bills. A wooden summer house can be a great investment, especially if you are looking for a cozy place to spend your time in during the warm and cold seasons.

Wooden structures are simple and inexpensive solutions – Compared to stone, bricks, concrete, and other building materials, wood is a simpler and less expensive option. To maximize the economic benefits of wooden buildings, you can hire a team of experts who will help you plan the construction efficiently. A lot of people are tempted to build log cabins by themselves, and this can be a great project, especially for those who are experienced and who have a lot of free time on their hands. But, if you’ve never worked with wood before, hiring professional woodworkers and contractors, or buying a ready-made house will help you save time, money and effort. Done right, building a wooden summer house doesn’t take long and in the long run, it will prove to be a great investment.

The wooden cabin can become your private sanctuary – When you feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of your day to day life, owning a wooden cabin where you can enjoy some peace and quiet is a great solution. A refuge in your garden, the wooden summer cabin can become an extension to your house and you can even transform it into your personal space. People use their summer houses as work from home offices, man caves, workshops, private studios, etc.

Wooden summer houses come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes – When it comes to choosing a design for your summer house, you’ll notice that the possibilities are endless. Depending on what you plan on doing inside your cabin, you will have a wide array of modern designs and layouts to choose from. Timber houses are extremely versatile and they are made to reflect the personal style and taste of the owner. Some of the most popular themes that people choose for their wooden houses are beach themes, futuristic, Asian, vintage, minimalistic, etc.

Wooden summer houses can generate extra income – Did you know that you can generate extra income by investing in a log cabin? It’s true. The fact that you are not wasting any money is one of the greatest benefits of wooden summer houses. Summer houses made of timber can easily be converted into rental or vacation properties. If you live in a nice city that tourists love, you can augment your income by renting or leasing your log cabin to young couples and even to families.

The Downsides of Wooden Summer Houses

Now that we’ve discussed the many advantages associated with investing in a wooden summer house, we should also point out a few small disadvantages. Being an organic material, wood can be vulnerable to insects, fungi, and other elements of nature. If you want to invest in a wood structure, you need to know that your summer house will inevitably suffer some degradation over time. The good news is that there are many effective solutions to avoid biological problems and infestations. For example, specialists suggest applying dry wood treatment that consists of antiseptics and insecticides and other substances meant to prevent infilling, leaks, and pest development.

Another downside associated with timber houses is the fact that the structure needs to be checked periodically. If not properly maintained, the wood can suffer significant damage and it can become dangerous. To keep its condition, value, and aesthetics, your wooden summer house will need periodic treatments and the exterior will have to be repainted yearly.

Like any other type of structural buildings, wooden summer houses have their advantages and disadvantages. But, as we mentioned above, the numerous benefits of wooden houses make them a great investment and they outweigh the downsides. So, if you want to increase the curb appeal of your property, have your personal space to relax or work, and even make some extra money, you should consider buying a wooden summer house.