Top 10 Uses of a Summer House


You may have had the idea to build a summer house or a garden pavilion, a wooden garage or any wooden garden building as an extension of the space of your main building for some time. What you might not have considered is, that most garden buildings undergo multiple uses and so we would like to introduce the top 10 of uses of a summer house to you, so you might get inspired about how a garden building could enrich your daily life and how to plan the size and the features of your new garden building so that it does not only fit the purpose which you had in mind originally, but might also be equipped for a variety of uses that might emerge in the future.

A shift in the use happens quite often. So a summer house might serve as a hub for gardening and after some time you get so busy at the office that gardening is no longer an option. In a case like this, you might be glad to have chosen a summer house with two nice big windows and a wooden floor because you would equip the summer house with a desk and some devices to do some office work in it during the weekend. Just one example.

Anyway: Get inspired by our top 10 uses for a summer house.

1. A Summer House is a Perfect Gardening Hub

Not only is a summer house an urgently needed dry and safe storage space for your gardening tools, including the more expensive electrical ones – for this purpose alone any cheap garden shed would do – the summer house also might offer a comfortable deck chair on a little terrace on which you might rest from the hard work and admire your achievements with a cup of tea brewed on a little stove inside the summer house.

It might offer a sink and water to wash hands and a hose for the rubber boots, it might even contain the seed trays for cultures that you would like to germinate in a safe place.

A little insulation might open up uses during the colder seasons and the possibility to overwinter frost-sensitive plants with the help of a simple electrical frost guard.

2. A Summer House is a Perfect Hub For Garden Parties

And there we are already at a mixed use: whether you use your corner summer house for gardening or for any other use we will mention in the following: a garden party is a real fun event for friends and family during the summertime and even in the winter.

At any garden party it is nice to have an option to be outside or inside. The summer house or a garden pavilion can store food and drinks, napkins or utensils for a wash-up. It might contain a sink for a quick hand wash or a container to store waste, and it might provide the electricity for the jukebox. A sheltered room for the logistics of the party makes things much easier.

Corner Summer House with Large Veranda Hansa A

3. An Office in the Summer House is a Calm Place to Work

Any home office should always be as far away from the hustle and the bustle of everyday life of the family, playing kids, talkative partners or ringing post- and tradesmen as possible. If you do it right, you might win a tranquil place in a beautiful, natural garden that will enhance your motivation. fire up your creativity and enable concentrated work.

With insulation and heating facilities you might even win a space with multiple use as for example a guest room or a temporary sleeping room during times, when your relationship might be in urgent need of a little more distance.

Log Cabin Hansa Office

4. A Guest House in the Summer House Could Be Private or Commercial

A summer house equipped with a sink or even a shower, some basic heating and a bed or two could come in handy after a party with friends involving alcohol, because the question: „Who will drive?“ can get the most convenient answer: „Nobody! We’re gonna sleep in the guest house!“

This simple option can take away a heavy load on any party. Moreover, today there are many options to rent out such a guest house via the internet and come to know nice people by the way.

Large Garden Log Cabin Oklahoma

5. A Children´s Room in The Summer House Can Ease Up Tensions With Teenage Kids

Teenage kids often want to spend their time as far away from their parents as possible, even when they are not yet old enough to move out completely. So quite a considerable number of summer houses serve as a kid’s room, where the kid can design his or her own space without having to fear the parents to step in the room at any time.

A prerequisite is a solid insulation and heating and connection to tap water and electricity. For bathroom and kitchen usage a key to the backdoor will provide access to the main building.

Garden Room A Table Tennis Room

6. Summer Houses Are Used as Work Shops

However, summer house are not the favourite garden buildings to be used as work shops. A wooden garage can offer all the advantages of a summer house plus a big single or double door which allows for bigger machines, materials and finished workpieces to easily enter or leave. The big door is also good for a quick vent that might become necessary after some kinds of dusty or smoky procedures.

This is also an example of an evolution of use, when a room, planned for mixed use including storage of tools becomes the room where the tools are put to use.

DIY Double Garage E with Up and Over Doors

7. A Summer House Provides for Much Needed Storage Space

After decades of buying things, furniture, devices and lots of stuff, many households just overflow with things. Often times still of good quality and fully functioning the owner hesitates to throw these things away. So garden summer houses provide storage space not only for typical garden items as gardening tools or garden furniture but also for things from the main house which are to good to throw away. In the summer house or in a garden log cabin they can wait for the next flee market or for somebody, like a friend to show up who needs just this.

Double Shed

8. Mixed Use is The Norm for Most Summer Houses

A summer house in the garden, just as any other garden building, a wooden log cabin, a garden pavilion represent possibility. They provide additional space to the space in the house and if this garden building is allocated to a certain kind of use or not: it will always be welcome because unless you live in a castle with 20 rooms and three bathrooms and a stable for the racing horses you will always welcome additional space to be developed into extra chances, extra knowledge, extra diversity and extra quality of life.

Whether you use a quiet space for meditation or an office, a room to set up a little business or storage room for old furniture: a summer house is an investment that pays with extra space for you to unfold your life into it.

Large Garden Room with Shed

9. Artists Find a Quiet, Inspiring Studio Space in the Summer House

Garden pavilions, summer houses and garden log cabins often are very decorative in the garden. Picturesque garden buildings stylishly furnished can serve as ateliers for writers, poets. painters, sculptors and all other kinds of artists in which you can not only find the inspiration for great art, but also receive like-minded guests for afternoon tea or for an bohemian evening feast.

Many find a beauty in their garden building, that they cannot find in any room in the house and like to decorate it carefully and receive their friends there.

10. Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong And Relaxing in a Wooden Summer House Inside a Lush, Beautiful Garden

A summer house in a garden is the perfect place to prepare for regular meditation. Many start with yoga or meditations because they think, it would profit their health, their inner peace and make them more alert, conscious and give them greater self-composure. However, many of these stop their regular practice because they don’t have the patience, they think it might be a waste of time or they have unrealistic expectations.

As a matter of fact meditation always gets more effective the longer you practice it regularly. So one thing to keep you at it, is to make a little ceremony out of it. Find a regular daily routine, prepare a special place, where you feel safe, comfortable and undisturbed.

A summer house with the view of all the green outside the window is a perfect place for regular exercises to not only keep you motivated but even make you look forward to your daily routine.

Summary: An article about the top 10 most common uses for garden buildings like summer houses, garden pavilions, wooden garages and garden log cabins.


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