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Top 8 Benefits of Parking Your Car in a Home Garage

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Car parking in a garage seems like an outdated concept these days. Homeowners today are using their garages for various other purposes such as a storage room, home workshop, and even an additional living space.

But if you want to protect your newly bought Suzuki Ignis from the harsh outdoor elements and keep it in perfect running condition for a long time, it is better to park your car in your home garage.

Read on to find out all the benefits of parking your car in a garage.

1. Protects from Rain, Snow, and Wind

Weather elements such as snow, wind, and rain can cause a lot of damage to your car’s exterior. However, when you park your car inside a garage, you don’t have to worry about these elements interacting with your car.

While a car cover may be able to do the same job, a garage is a more secure option as there is zero chance of exposure to the elements. Rain and snow can leave an acidic layer behind on top of your car, and wind comes with dust and dirt. As a result, rusting can occur, like cancer to cars. Moreover, they may even weaken the top layer of the car. But a home garage will protect your car from all such things.

2. Scratch Prevention

Even if your car has a cover on top, it can still get scratched when it is outside. Scratches because of hail or tree branches falling are pretty common. But when you park your car inside the garage, it stays safe from scratches. Moreover, it also prevents other vehicles from crashing into yours.

3. Keeps Your Vehicle Safe from Extreme Temperatures

Both your car’s exterior and interior damage from extreme temperature changes and daily exposure to UV rays.

Extremely cold or hot temperatures affect the performance of your car, and it might even suffer from internal damage. For instance, on extremely hot sunny days, your car might heat up, and your car’s air conditioner might not cool the air efficiently.

Moreover, UV exposure also damages the interior of your car. It can peel the car’s fabric, and the speakers might crack. Additionally, the exterior paint of your car will start to fade. On the other hand, your car’s battery might suffer in extremely cold temperatures and take longer to start the engine.

In such situations, car parking in a garage helps keep your car safe from extreme weather and temperatures.

4. Reduces the Risk of Vandalism and Theft

When your car is parked in plain sight outside, there is a high risk of theft and vandalism. In contrast, if the car is parked inside your garage, it automatically keeps lazy thieves and vandalizers at bay. Your car is a huge investment and a valuable item, so protection is important. A simple solution is to keep it hidden inside your home garage.

5. Lower Insurance Premium

Many car manufacturers lower auto insurance premiums if you opt for parking your car inside a garage. Generally, the discount offered is almost 5 percent. However, it can increase based on your area.

Areas with more theft, vandalism, or high chances of flooding, can get you a higher discount on your car insurance premium. It is better to avail of a discount than to pay the full price, and all you have to do is park your car inside the garage.

6. A Well-Lubricated Engine

Your garage will keep your vehicle warmer on colder days, which helps keep the fluid and oil stable. As a result, your engine stays well-lubricated, and your car can function better. It is a much better solution for keeping your car in a running condition than leaving it outside.

7. Better Functioning Heating and Cooling System

Your car’s air conditioner and heating system will function better when you park it inside the garage. Since the car stays cooler on hotter days and warmer on colder days, you don’t have to wait for half an hour for the air conditioner or heater to cool or heat properly.

8. Improved Visibility

One of the major benefits of parking your car in a garage is keeping your windshield clear of condensation and other elements that might hinder visibility. You don’t need to spend hours cleaning your car’s windshield before you can use it on the road.

Final Thoughts

Car parking in a garage keeps it safe from outside elements that might harm the exterior or interior of your car. It keeps the car at a moderate temperature even under extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it helps keep the engine lubricated, and the air conditioning and heating can function better. Plus, your car gets improved visibility. In contrast, you have to spend more on regular monthly maintenance if you park it outside.

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