Elevate Your Property’s Aesthetic: Wooden Garages that Blend Beauty and Utility


Do you ever look out of the window at your beautiful car parked up on the curb outside your house and wish you could give it the safety and security it deserves?

By leaving your car in a garage overnight, not only do you ensure it is much more secure overnight or when you go away, but it can even help bring down your insurance premiums! However, investing in a garage is not always a cheap endeavour; it is also incredibly disruptive and leaves you with plenty of paperwork to fill out.

That is unless you opt for a wooden garage instead. Here, we will talk about the many benefits that wooden garages can bring and why you should consider investing in one for your garden.

Elevate Your Property's Aesthetic: Wooden Garages that Blend Bea

Why Wooden Garages Becoming so Popular

Before we help you choose the wooden garage for your garden space, let’s look at why these types of garages have become so popular in recent years.

They’re cheaper

For starters, wooden garages are much cheaper than their brick-and-mortar equivalent. The materials cost less to source (you wouldn’t believe how expensive a tiled roof can be!), and it costs less in building hours as you can even build it yourself.

They look stunning

A timber garage is also an incredibly aesthetic building. Sometimes, erecting a new concrete building in a garden can ruin some of the natural beauty that surrounds it, whereas a wooden double garage with timber doors only enhances the nature surrounding it, seamlessly merging into the rest of your garden.

They’re highly versatile

Wooden garages are also incredibly versatile. They make excellent garages, but high-quality wooden garages also make the perfect solution for anyone who now works remotely a few days a week or even full-time.

If you opt for a high-quality model, like the ones on offer at Summer House 24, your wooden garage will feel warm and homely enough to be the perfect home office while also providing valuable storage space.

They’re eco-friendly

Most wooden garages are also much more eco-friendly than other buildings. Summer House 24, for example, only uses sustainably slow-grown Nordic spruce for our wooden garages, ensuring the materials are incredibly high-quality but also sourced in a safe and sustainable manner.

How to Pick the Perfect Timber Garage for Your Needs

Now, let’s look at how you can identify the perfect wooden garage for your needs to ensure you gain the maximum value from your investment.

What size?

First and foremost, you need to consider the size of your timber garage. That will also impact where you plan on placing it and what you use your wooden garage for, as the garden building size requirements will greatly influence other elements of the selection process.

For example, if you opt for a smaller wooden garage, chances are there will be less space to use it for additional storage space or a home office.


Once you have an idea of the size of the wooden garage you want to go for, you can start to think about where you want to put it.

Knowing the size you require will quickly help you establish viable locations for your wooden garage and also dismiss areas of your property that you know will be too small to even consider.

What will it be used for?

Finally, as we have mentioned, one of the main benefits of investing in a wooden garage is the versatile that it offers. Double wooden garages can act as storage space for your vehicle, with plenty of space left over for other uses.

These uses will impact what style of carport or wooden garage you opt for. If you plan on also working from your wooden garage, you will want a model that offers access to plenty of light to keep it warm and usable even when the temperatures begin to drop.

If you want to use the extra space for storage, then you will want to choose a model you know is well sealed in and will keep your valuables clean and dry, no matter the weather.

Why Choose Summer House 24 for your Wooden Carport Needs


At Summer House 24, we know that everybody’s budget is different. But we also believe that your budget amount shouldn’t determine whether or not you can reap the benefits of a garden garage.

That’s why we offer a range of single and double garages, with a wide range of pricing options to choose from, making wooden garages accessible for everyone.

High-quality materials

At Summer House 24, all our timber garages are made with the best possible materials, with double-glazed windows, slow-grown Nordic spruce, and 44mm thick walls as standard. We provide our customers with wooden garage kits that are designed to stand the test of time and the fluctuating English weather!

A wide variety of choice

Because we offer a wide variety of high-quality wooden garages at different price points, it also means we offer a wide variety of different styles for you to choose from.

Don’t like a particular style of garage door? There are still plenty of other options for you to pick from.

Not a fan of a flat garage roof? That’s also not an issue, as we offer garage doors and roofs in several different styles so you can find the perfect design for your needs.

We can be trusted

Finally, when you choose Summer House 24, you choose a company you can trust. We have helped thousands of UK households experience their garden-building dreams.

After all, there’s a reason we have such a high score on TrustPilot, with 4.8/5 stars. We are always seeking ways to improve and constantly strive to provide the best possible service for our customers.

Final Thoughts on Timber Garages

What will you use your wooden garage for? Additional storage space? Room to finally start your dream side hustle?

Contact Summer House 24 today, and let us help you find the perfect wooden garage for your needs. With plenty of different shapes, sizes, and prices, we are perfectly equipped to help you discover the perfect solution to your garage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Garages

What are the advantages of choosing a wooden garage over other materials?

Wooden garages offer a natural aesthetic, durability, and ease of customisation, making them a versatile and attractive choice for storing vehicles and more.

How do I maintain a wooden garage to ensure its longevity?

Regularly seal or stain the wood, perform inspections for rot or pests, and keep the garage clean to preserve the structural integrity and appearance of your wooden garage.

Can I customise the design and size of my wooden garage to fit my specific needs?

Yes, wooden garages can be customised in terms of size, style, and features to accommodate your preferences and requirements, providing flexibility for your unique storage needs.


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