8 Cool Ideas to Organize Your Wooden Garage

Wooden Garage

What is a garage? The obvious answer is the place where you park your car every day and where your teenage son and his friends practice cover songs waiting for their boyband to become famous. But a wooden garage can be so much more than that with just a little creativity. It can be a working space or a man cave as well, depending on how you organize it. So we thought we’d help you a little. Here are 8 cool ideas to organize your wooden garage!

The Most Awesome Organizing Ideas for Your Wooden Garage

  • Draw Outlines for Your Tools

This idea is both a time and a space saver. Using an indelible marker, draw outlines of all your tools on the walls and hang them there. In this way, you won’t have to keep them in boxes, wasting space. Plus, you will always know where to store them correctly, saving time when you need them.

  • Store Bikes on the Walls of Your Wooden Garage

Have you ever watched Seinfeld? If so, then you know that Jerry’s bike always stood on the wall between his living room and his bedroom. You can use this idea for your wooden garage. If your whole family has bikes, stack them up on top of each other for even more saved space.

  • Repurpose Old Furniture

Don’t throw out any old furniture you have in the house and are planning to replace. Because it can easily acquire a new life and a brand new purpose in your wooden garage.

For example, an old wine bottle holder that’s now too ugly to go in the kitchen can became a great place to hold scarves, mittens, and hats. A chest of drawers that no longer fits the design of your bedroom can be repurposed into your new workbench with a fresh coat of paint.

The same goes for any cheap furniture you find at garage sales or second hand stores. For example, you can use old school lockers as cupboards and cubbies. Each person in your family can get one to store the items they use when they go out like toys, chalk to draw for toddlers, wellington boots, raincoats, and so on.

  • Fold-up Worktables Save a Lot of Space

A wooden garage is a fantastic place where you can also work. But that doesn’t mean you have to use up a lot of the space. Think about preserving the wooden design and installing a foldable worktable. When you’re done, the table can be folded up next to the wall and take a minimum amount of space.

  • A Shoe Organizer for Paint

Once again, creativity and repurposing win. If you have one or more shoe organizers that you don’t plan on using in the house anymore, don’t throw them out. You can hang them in the garage and put cans of spray paint in them! And, while we’re on this topic, here’s another great idea for organizing your wooden garage.

Sort out all your nails and put them in chewing gum containers. We’re talking about the plastic ones that are designed to fit in the cup holder of your car. They are great little storage units that can them also go in your shoe organizers along with the spray paint cans. Hang these on a wall or on a door and free some space on your shelves!

  • Create a Parking Space for Kids in Your Wooden Garage

One of the main problems kids have is that they leave their little bikes and carts everywhere. We’re sure you came across the situation where you were trying to back out of the garage and couldn’t because a little purple bike was blocking your way. Here’s a fun way to deal with it.

Create custom-made parking spaces inside the garage. Take some brightly-colored tape that your children can easily spot and can’t ignore, for that matter. Mark rectangular parking spaces on the floor of your wooden garage that are exactly the shape and size of their small toy vehicles.

In this way, they may feel compelled to park there. Also, they will feel that, just like an adult parks in the garage, they too now have that option, plus a custom-designed parking space.

  • Free Shipping Pallets

A shipping pallet can become a great storage solution. All you have to do is remove a few boards on one end to open it up. Then set it vertically on its smaller side so that it resembles a giant open box. Store your long cleaning tools or your fishing rods in it.

The amazing thing about this idea is that it’s totally free. Most shops will actually be happy to give you a few shipping pallets because you will be saving them the trouble of disposing of these wooden crates. Therefore, go around your neighborhood and ask a few local businesses if they have a few to spare.

  • The Smart Geography of the Wooden Garage

You know what they say – work smart not hard, right? In terms of your wooden garage, this means putting your recycling bins immediately behind the door. In this way, you won’t keep the garbage in the house. Plus, you will only have to take a few steps, making the task a lot easier to begin with.

This can also be tailored to other items in your garage, depending on what you keep in there, besides your car. Make sure your children’s toys are always within reach so that they can be independent at all times. The same goes for your tools, which you should rotate closer to the door according to season.

Keep in mind that your wooden garage can either be a valuable space that you use to its fullest potential or a simple extra room in which you park your car. But we’re sure the latter doesn’t apply to you. So let us know in the comment section below how you feel about these ideas, if you have any thoughts of your own you’d like to share or how your son’s boyband is coming along!

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