Garden Offices vs. Your Spare Room: The Final Verdict


It’s a debate that has gained significant traction in recent years.

With more people working from home than ever before, the big question that is often asked is what the best home setup is for work life.

In 2019, only 4.7% of us worked from home, but by January this year, 85% of people now work from home, in a hybrid approach.

That means 80% more people now have to tackle the intricacies of finding a quiet place in the house to focus on their work, away from distractions!

This article will discuss the differences between opting for a garden office and a spare room and whether or not they are a worthwhile investment.

Garden Office vs. Spare Room: How do They Compare?

Garden Offices

With fifty of the largest UK employers already announcing they have no intention of returning to full-time office work life any time soon, you must think long-term when it comes to working from home.

That means valuing your space, home life, professionalism, and other essential factors. Here’s how spare rooms compare to a new garden room.


Firstly, one of the most important aspects of working from home is ensuring you have enough headspace to get stuck in your tasks and projects.

When you head into the office, you have plenty of time to get in the zone for work, think about what you need to get done, and focus on your daily tasks.

However, this mindset is much more difficult when your commute is reduced to walking from the kitchen to your spare room. It can be hard to switch to work mode, which can have a detrimental effect on your productivity.

However, with a garden office, you can easily get into the headspace you need to be as productive as possible.

For starters, you get the rush of fresh air as you make your way down the garden. Not only that but having a designated area for work will subconsciously tell your body it is time to focus on work and leave everything else at the door.


Another issue with setting up your home office in the spare room is clutter. As the name suggests, a spare room is often additional living space you have spare, which often means the extra space gets used to store random bits and bobs.

This can leave you with barely enough space to place your laptop, let alone sit down and lay out all of your important documents and work accessories.

With a garden office, you have a space you can dedicate entirely to your work and work belongings. Therefore you can keep it clean and tidy and just focus on your work.


Another issue in trying to find space to work in the spare room is comfort. Chances are, your spare bedroom is not the most comfortable room in the house, and after a while, it can be very frustrating trying to balance your laptop on the bookshelf or not having a desk at your disposal.

With a garden office, you can kit it out how you like to make it the perfect working space at home. Check with your boss whether or not the company is willing to help fund your home office-related purchases, as some companies may help you, as they know the importance of being comfortable while you work, and they know it will make you more productive.

Work-life balance

Finally, the biggest difference between a spare room and a garden office is the fact the work-life balance that a garden office can provide. Rather than struggling to turn off your laptop at the end of the day or finding it hard to get started in the morning, a garden office provides a designated place for you to focus on work.

And the best part? You can simply turn off your computer at the end of the day, walk into your house and switch into family or partner mode.

Final Verdict on Working from A Garden Room or Your Spare Room

Garden Room

As you can see, there are several benefits to turning outdoor spaces into garden offices, regardless of what industry you work in!

If you want more information on why Summer House 24 garden offices are loved by so many people like you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’d love to advise you on what planning permission you may need and help you find your dream garden office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Buildings and Garden Rooms

Do garden offices add value to a house?

So long as you opt for a high-quality garden room, it can certainly add value to your home. If you buy a poor-quality building as your new garden office, it may not have the same financial effect.

Our garden offices worth it?

Absolutely! A bespoke garden room explicitly used for an office can provide you with the physical and mental distance you need from your living space to fully focus on your work, making you more motivated and productive.

What is a posh name for a garden room?

Depending on its features, a garden building can sometimes be referred to as a log cabin or a summer house.