How to Kit Out Your Garden Room as the Perfect Home Office


Have you found yourself working from home more often as part of your weekly routine?

If so, a garden room can be the perfect solution for your work-from-home needs!

With more people working from home more frequently, the popularity of garden offices and outdoor rooms dedicated to work has risen significantly.

With no sign of a return to five days in the office, it has never been a better time to invest in a garden home office.

How to Create the Perfect Summer House Home Office With These Garden Office Ideas

Garden Room

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Firstly, whatever you plan to do with your garden room, you must try and take advantage of the natural light on offer. One of the main benefits of a garden summer house office is that you can feel close to nature.

If you place your garden summer house in a shaded area of your garden or under a large tree, for example, you will miss out on the outstanding natural beauty and several benefits on offer.

Opt for Double Doors

Garden Room

One thing you might not consider is what type of doors you should choose for your garden room office. Most garden offices will benefit from having double doors for several reasons.

For starters, it makes it much easier to move your large office furniture into your new garden office space! Tables and large computers are often difficult to maneuver, but double doors make that much easier.

Secondly, double doors are excellent for getting additional fresh air into your garden office when the weather permits.

Think About Your Essentials First

Garden Room

When you start thinking about kitting out your garden office pod, it can feel overwhelming. Garden office design can quickly get away from you if you don’t focus on the essentials first.

Ultimately, this needs to be a productive space, a place away from the main house that you can dedicate to your work.

Once you have got that out of the way, you can start thinking about other ways you can use your summer house when you aren’t working, like as an art or yoga studio.

Consider Space for Relaxation

Garden Room

Having a relaxation space at the bottom of your garden offers all the benefits of a spa retreat without the price tag! A garden building doesn’t have to only get used as an office. It could become a multi-functional space for you and your family to enjoy.

What About Outdoor Seating?

Garden Room

When you consider turning a summer house into a garden office, don’t forget about the outside space!

If you have space, take advantage of the additional outdoor space, and create an area where you can work outside when the weather permits.

Just remember that, depending on the dimensions of your garden office, you may need to factor in planning permission. Always check with your local council before making any purchase to ensure you are not breaking any laws.

Final Thoughts on Turning Garden Rooms into Garden Offices

Garden Room

Are you searching for the perfect summer house office to help take your work to the next level? We offer a range of different garden offices for you to choose from at a price point that suits any budget.

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