What is the ideal temperature for a sauna? 18.03.2024

Whether you are new to saunas or an experienced user, you might be curious to learn about the ideal sauna temperatures. When it comes to how hot a sauna should be, the answer is not a very straightforward one because there are several factors involved such as the type of sauna that you are using,…

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5 Feng Shui Tips for Garden Rooms in 2024 11.03.2024

In 2024, as we celebrate the ‘Year of the Dragon’ in Chinese mythology, a year rich in symbolism representing strength, power, wisdom, nobility, good fortune, and success, it’s crucial to harness positive energies not only within our homes but also in the extensions and additional spaces nestled in our backyards. Garden rooms offer a canvas…

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Build Your Own Garden Office: A DIY Guide 19.02.2024

Building a garden office isn’t just about constructing a space; it’s about building a sanctuary for your work and creativity, a place where passion, not obligation, drives your day. Say hello to the garden office era, known as the best spot for those who want to run their own show. Here, you can work in…

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Customers Who Fell in Love with Our Summer Houses: Heartfelt Stories 14.02.2024

Summer houses have always held a special place in the hearts of those seeking a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our summer houses, in particular, have become beloved retreats for many customers, providing them with a perfect blend of comfort, beauty, and calmness. This blog delves into the stories of…

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Introducing the Shoffice: Your Backyard’s Newest Flex 13.02.2024

It’s uprising slang for: “Shed” + “Office” = “Shoffice” Shoffices, or shed-offices, are like the Cinderella story of the backyard, transforming from humble storage spaces to glamorous work havens. It’s where the magic of productivity meets the charm of home comfort. So, buckle up as we take you on a whimsical ride through the land…

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What’s The Difference Between a Summer House & a Shed? 09.02.2024

When comparing a summer house and a shed, it’s important to understand that while both are structures often found in gardens or backyards, their purposes, designs, and typical uses can be quite different. Many clients ask about the difference between a summer house and a shed and knowing the answer is an essential step towards…

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How To Clean A Wooden Shed 21.11.2023

At Summer House 24 our guide on cleaning wooden sheds, both old and new, focuses on enhancing functionality, safety, and aesthetics. We walk you through comprehensive shed inspection, damage and condition assessments, tips on wood decay and structural integrity, general wear and tear check,s roof and foundation inspection, moisture and leak detection, and pest control methods…

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Exploring Different Types of Summer Houses 04.10.2023

Let’s face it. Very few things make adult life as magical as our childhood memories. But having an at-home getaway is undoubtedly a close second! Wooden summer houses offer so many benefits for our everyday life, from your very own home SPA to a distraction-free office space. And the best part? Wooden summer houses come…

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Elevate Your Property’s Aesthetic: Wooden Garages that Blend Beauty and Utility 20.09.2023

Do you ever look out of the window at your beautiful car parked up on the curb outside your house and wish you could give it the safety and security it deserves? By leaving your car in a garage overnight, not only do you ensure it is much more secure overnight or when you go…

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How a Wooden Summer House Could Kickstart Your Dream Business 08.09.2023

Are you considering starting your own business? Perhaps you have had a business idea in mind for a long time, but you have struggled to dedicate time, effort, and space to your idea. Or maybe you are already working on your business part-time or full-time, but you are searching for ways to take it to…

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How to Make the Most of a Shed Garden Office 05.09.2023

The secret is out. Garden offices can take your work, health, and garden aesthetic to all new heights! While thousands of people across the country have already made the jump and purchased their own garden office, you might need a bit more information before making the same decision. Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right…

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How to Find the Perfect Wooden BBQ Hut For Your Garden Space 04.09.2023

A wooden BBQ hut is much more diverse than the title may suggest. Sure, it’s brilliant for barbeques and hosting parties for friends and family, but it also offers so much more value than a couple of summer evenings each year. Here, we will take you on an exciting journey, showing you why purchasing a…

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Why a Wooden Summer House Makes the Perfect Home Cinema 11.07.2023

Are you considering investing in a home cinema room? Perhaps you find your current setup for movies unfulfilling, or there are too many distractions to fully appreciate the movie you are watching. Or maybe you don’t get a chance to want many movies at the moment, because there is nowhere in your house that is…

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Why a Wooden Summer House Makes the Perfect Home Spa 06.07.2023

Are you considering purchasing your own home spa? Perhaps you have decided that an area of your garden barely gets used and would be the perfect place for a home spa. Maybe you often go on spa days or use the one at your local gym, but you struggle to fully relax due to the…

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How to Kit Out Your Garden Room as the Perfect Home Office 09.06.2023

Have you found yourself working from home more often as part of your weekly routine? If so, a garden room can be the perfect solution for your work-from-home needs! With more people working from home more frequently, the popularity of garden offices and outdoor rooms dedicated to work has risen significantly. With no sign of…

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