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Decorate Your Garden Room with the Best Colour Trends of 2022

Decorate Your Garden Pod with the Best Colour Trends of 2022

Are you curious about what the future will bring in terms of home and garden design? We have great news! 2022 brings many cool microtrends, but it also embraces some of our favourite long-playing ones that we fell in love with over the past few years. If you’ve already furnished your garden room, you don’t have to worry as this year’s trends will still be relevant in the foreseeable future. But, if you want to redecorate or even make minor adjustments, you might want to take a look at the following design ideas that will become a thing in 2022.

2021 Interior Design Colour Trends

Before we discuss the colour trends that will mark 2022, let’s take a quick look at the colours that people loved in 2021 – a year that was marked by the effects of the pandemics bringing many changes to people’s lifestyles. Many of us were stuck indoors for long periods, so we had to transform our homes into a relaxing a cosy place. This need was reflected in the colours that we chose for our walls, for our furniture, and other accessories. Therefore, in 2021 we saw a lot of neutral bases, warm colours, soft pastel tones, light serene blues, and different shades of grey. Brighter colour hues were not ignored completely, as they were able to bring some of that much-needed cheerfulness and energy into our spaces.

2021 was also the year the experts behind Pantone decided that two colours are worthy of the title ‘Color of the Year’ – PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray (a soft and calming pebble grey) and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating (a cheerful and bright shade of yellow).  Two colours that work great together and that can be easily used to decorate any space.

2022 Interior Design Colour Trends

So what should we expect for 2022? Experts realized that people thrive in calm and relaxing environments and that the palettes of neutral shades are not just versatile but also beneficial. So, in 2021 we will probably see a lot of muted tones, shades of grey, and even some black and white.

If you’ve watched Billie Eilish’s recent videos, you can probably guess that the most important colour of 2022 will be beige. In fact, Dulux, a popular brand of paint gave their Brave Ground the title ‘Color of the Year 2022’. If you’re not a fan of beige, interior design experts bring us many beautiful colours to inspire us and to make us love our surrounding environment even more. Let’s take a look at Pantone’s most important colour trends that will mark 2022:

Pantone Baby’s Breath

Decorate Your Garden Pod with the Best Colour Trends of 2022 Bab

You can use this calming colour to paint your interior walls as it can be a perfect backdrop for any type of interior décor. Whether you’re into minimalism (which is a major interior design trend in 2022), feminine, romantic, or the Mediterranean, Pantone’s ‘Baby’s Breath’ is a great option. If you want to turn your garden room into a relaxing space, a guest bedroom, or a Yoga studio, this colour will make a small garden house seem more spacious.

Pantone Beach Glass

Decorate Your Garden Pod with the Best Colour Trends of 2022 Bea

Pantone ‘Beach Glass’ is another calming colour that can turn your garden pod into a dreamy space. ‘Beach Glass’ is perfect for a romantic spa room, a Mediterranean garden room, or a pool house.  Whether you decide to repaint your walls or to use it as an accent colour for furniture and accessories, your mood will surely be improved instantly and you’ll get those summertime vacation vibes.

Pantone Blue Atoll

Decorate Your Garden Pod with the Best Colour Trends of 2022 Blu

If you miss travelling to exotic locations and relaxing in a nice cosy bungalow after spending the day at the beach, add some Pantone Blue Atoll to your garden room. This bright, yet relaxing colour can turn your garden into a summer paradise. Whether you use it to paint a statement wall or as a wall-art, this colour will go perfectly with a refreshing cocktail and a bowl of fruit salad. If you use your garden room as a guest house, as a garden house, or as a garden bar, don’t forget to throw an awesome garden house party after you’ve redecorated.

Pantone Ultimate Gray

Decorate Your Garden Pod with the Best Colour Trends of 2022 Ult

As mentioned above, grey is a major trend of 2021 and its popularity will most likely grow in 2022. Pantone Ultimate Gray is a neutral and calming shade, perfect to decorate a garden home office, a man cave, a dining area, and even a guest bedroom. If you’re using your garden room as a home office, you’ll be happy to learn that good interior design can make you more productive and more creative. Spending time in a nicely decorated space will put you in a good mood instantly. If bright colours are not your thing, Pantone Ultimate Gray is a perfect option.

Pantone Marigold

Decorate Your Garden Pod with the Best Colour Trends of 2022 Mar

If your favourite season is autumn, Pantone Marigold is the perfect colour for you in 2022. You can easily combine it with all the other colours and shades mentioned above to create a bright and cheerful environment. If you want to enjoy using your garden pod in winter, Pantone Marigold will make the space feel sunny and warm and it will bring welcoming and cosy vibes. Whether you are using your garden room as a granny annexe, as a garden office, as a hobby room, or as an extra bedroom, this warm colour will fit right in.

Choosing the perfect colours for your garden room is a fun and useful activity. Colour can make or break a space, so it is up to you to decide what fits your needs best. If you prefer warm tones like Pantone Marigold or any other shades of beige and yellow, pair them with neutral hues to create an energizing and joyful space. If you prefer cooler tones such as Blue Atoll or Beach Glass, your garden house will quickly become a relaxing space.

Did you enjoy this article? We post new articles regularly, so don’t forget to revisit our blog soon. If you’d like to buy a garden room, check out our most popular rooms and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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