Eco-friendly Garden Pod PopUpHut 13.2m² / 6 x 2.5 m

Price: £27,975.00
Finance option

PopUpHut is eco-friendly Garden Pod, made from recycled shipping containers, which are repurposed into houses instead of melted down. The strong and long-lasting materials that remain from the shipping containers are bolstered and rejuvenated with beautiful, luxury, and natural materials that not only look great, but last a lifetime, and help sustain the environment.

PopUpHut is the ultimate garden retreat. Same House, Different Uses! Whether you would like to use it as a yoga studio, home office, art studio, man cave, guest accommodation, personal gym or even a home cinema, the choice is yours. Indeed, garden pods are highly versatile and come with insulation. This means that they can be used all year round, even in the colder winter months, so the list really is endless.

PopUpHut can go wherever you go. As our garden pods are a standard container size they can easily be transported. This allows you to take a little bit of your home with you if you decide to buy and sell. It also makes it easy for you to resell your garden pod should your plans change, or it no longer fit your requirements.

Delivery estimation: 6 - 16 weeks

Technical details:

External area: 14.6m² Height: 2.59m
Internal area: 13.2m² Volume: 32.12m³
Length: 6.03m Weight: 4.1 tons
Depth: 2.48m Delivery: fully assembled

Additional information

Each year, thousands of tonnes of steel is wasted globally on single use shipping containers. We have found a way to repurpose them by transforming them into fabulous garden pods. This gives the container a whole new lease of life and reduces waste. Any steel that we cut out to make holes for doors and windows gets sent for recycling. Each container has had a previous life on the high seas and is well travelled. Just like laughter lines developing on human faces as we age, the containers pick up the odd dent and scrape along the way. Each container is unique, and these imperfections are visible on the pod but do not detract from its beauty.

Standard specification:

Exterior cladding:
Thermo spruce cladding Option #1: THERMO-SPRUCE cladding exterior 20 x 140 mm
Highly durable cladding combined with natural beauty. Thermo-spruce cladding is a softwood solution that offers exceptional rot resistance and longevity alongside rustic knots and a naturally light colour. Eco-labelled wood comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical-free and very durable in outdoor conditions.
Siberian larch cladding Option #2: The Siberian Larch Cladding exterior 20 x 95 mm
Siberian larch timber is very resinous and extremely hard wearing, making it one of the toughest and most durable softwoods in the world. Siberian Larch benefits from impressive dimensional stability, low cost of installation, low maintenance and high manufacturing standards.
Black PVC-framed door and window. Double-layered (6+6mm/argon filled) tempered glass units. The colour of the frame can be changed, choosing from the options specified by the window manufacturer.
Sprayable closed cell PUR foam has been used as the insulation material. PUR foam essentially eliminates any air gaps or air transfer. This keeps your PopUpHut cool in the summer and warm in the winter while not hurting your wallet. The roof is insulated with a 150 mm layer on the inside; the walls are insulated inside with a layer which is 50mm and the floor insulation is 100 mm.
Interior cladding:
Scandinavian spruce tree The inner wall and ceiling covering material is Scandinavian Spruce tree. Spruce cladding is protected with OSMO Wood Wax which gives water and dirt-resistant surface.
Container original floor is removed and replaced for new insulated flooring. Oak tree flooring has been used as the floor covering material, providing you with the comfort, style, and strength that will last for generations.
Lightening and sockets:
  • LED ceiling lights throughout the whole house
  • One exterior light
  • Three exterior sockets
  • Six interior sockets

Free delivery of our container cabins to Zone 1 is subject to certain criteria. Please see and confirm your delivery site meets the following conditions. We may need to charge a surcharge for some deliveries due to these conditions not being met. We will always speak with you in advance to confirm your acceptance and any additional charges will be at cost.

How long do the PopUpHut take to set up?
Your PopUpHut will arrive fully built and ready for you to enjoy straightaway, with no installation required.
Do I need planning permission for my PopUpHut?
No, your Garden Pod can be installed as an addition to your house and is exempt from planning permission, provided you’re not planning on renting it out.
Do I need to prepare the ground for my Garden Pod?
PopUpHut can be placed directly on the ground. We recommend either having the unit placed on a cement pad, concrete piers or simple blocking under the four corners.
Where do you deliver to?
We can deliver your Garden Pod to all areas of the UK and Ireland.
What is the lead time for my Garden Pod?
While our standard build time is 8-12 weeks, if we have units in inventory, you can recieve your unit within 2-5 weeks.


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