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Cost of Garden Room With Shower and Toilet: Fees, Requirements & Benefits
15.07.2024 / Guides

Do you want to know what the cost of a garden room with shower and toilet is in the UK? Garden rooms with bathrooms are popular because many people realise they can have more space and an elevated quality of life without building an extension. Perfect for multi-generational living, as a home office or even…

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Eco-friendly & Affordable Ways to Keep Your Garden Office Warm
06.05.2024 / How To

If you’ve recently joined the squad of garden office workers or an old member, you might have noticed one little snag: these charming spaces can turn into walk-in freezers faster than you can say “Jack Frost.” With recent gas and electricity prices making us all a bit nostalgic for the days when turning up the…

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10 Key Areas to Consider When Planning a Garden Office
16.04.2024 / Guides

When planning a garden office in the UK, integrating both functional needs and personal style is key, especially when various types of structures are available, such as garden office pods, cabins, and insulated offices. Here’s a refined approach incorporating these elements: There are more areas to cover as per your needs but above areas are…

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Build Your Own Garden Office: A DIY Guide
19.02.2024 / Guides

Building a garden office isn’t just about constructing a space; it’s about building a sanctuary for your work and creativity, a place where passion, not obligation, drives your day. Say hello to the garden office era, known as the best spot for those who want to run their own show. Here, you can work in…

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Introducing the Shoffice: Your Backyard’s Newest Flex
13.02.2024 / Inspiration

It’s uprising slang for: “Shed” + “Office” = “Shoffice” Shoffices, or shed-offices, are like the Cinderella story of the backyard, transforming from humble storage spaces to glamorous work havens. It’s where the magic of productivity meets the charm of home comfort. So, buckle up as we take you on a whimsical ride through the land…

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Garden Offices vs. Your Spare Room: The Final Verdict
15.05.2023 / Inspiration

It’s a debate that has gained significant traction in recent years. With more people working from home than ever before, the big question that is often asked is what the best home setup is for work life. In 2019, only 4.7% of us worked from home, but by January this year, 85% of people now…

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How to Create a Multi-functional Garden Office
16.01.2023 / How To

Investing in a garden office is a fantastic way to separate your work and social life while also increasing the amount of space you have at home. However, adding a garden office doesn’t always provide people with all the extra space they need. Unless you turn your garden office into a multi-purpose room, that is….

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5 Ways to Avoid Buying the Wrong Garden House
02.01.2023 / Guides

Are you considering buying a garden home? The right garden home can add plenty of value to a house while offering additional storage and space for various activities. This article will discuss five things you need to consider before purchasing your garden house to ensure you get the right one for your needs. What Are…

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Creative Garden Office Uses from our Clients
16.06.2022 / Customer Stories

We are huge fans of working from home – we believe that it is an awesome trend and that everyone should enjoy the luxury of working from a comfortable environment. Working from home comes with many benefits, and we’ve already discussed the many benefits of garden offices in our previous articles. However, for many, working…

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Need an Organized and Creative Desk Space? Here are 3 Useful Tips
23.08.2021 / Useful Tips

The way in which people work has changed a lot over the past few years. The dreaded Covid-19 pandemic has made a lot of us feel insecure and unproductive. As more and more companies and organizations transitioned to remote work, it almost feels as if we’re right in the middle of a huge ‘work from…

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How to Keep Your Garden Office Secure
25.06.2021 / How To

A garden office is an outside building in the ground of your property that gives your home some extra space. These buildings are often used as professional workspaces or home offices. These buildings give your home extra floor space and help to separate work from domestic activities – all the more important with a work…

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How to Set up a Perfect Garden Office
29.10.2020 / How To

If you are currently working from home, then you already know how difficult this can be if you don’t have a dedicated space. Working at your kitchen table might seem like a viable solution at first. However, after a few months of mixing your domestic life with your professional one, you’ll surely conclude that you…

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10 Environmental Benefits of a Garden Office
12.10.2020 / Useful Tips

With more people working from home, the question of home office setup is gaining more importance than ever. Garden offices give you a place to go, so you can be present at home during your off hours and better focused on work when the time comes. That’s not all: Here are ten more benefits of…

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10 Compelling Reasons to Buy a Garden Office
22.09.2020 / Guides

Are you planning on putting aside some money and making a smart investment for you and your family? If the answer is yes, then you have to read this article. The best and most profitable investment that you can make in these uncertain times is a summer house that can easily be used as a…

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Transform Your Summer House into a Stylish Home Office
26.06.2020 / Useful Tips

A lot of business owners who prefer to work from home admit that turning their summer house into a cozy home office is a dream come true. In this day and age, setting up a business that allows you to work from home is a popular choice. Working from home has many benefits: you waste…

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