10 Compelling Reasons to Buy a Garden Office


Are you planning on putting aside some money and making a smart investment for you and your family? If the answer is yes, then you have to read this article.

The best and most profitable investment that you can make in these uncertain times is a summer house that can easily be used as a garden office, a guesthouse, a storage space, or a workshop. Here are 10 compelling reasons to buy a garden office:

You Improve Your Work/Life Balance

Having a garden office will make it easier for you to spend more time with your family. Did you know that the average UK driver spends no less than 4 years at the wheel throughout his or her life? That’s a scary thought! But with a garden office, you won’t have to spend hours stuck in traffic. Instead, you’ll have more time to enjoy breakfast with your family in the morning, you’ll spend your lunch breaks at home, and you’ll be there as soon as you finish your work. The end result: a happier and less stressful life and a feeling that you have more time to relax.

Your Work Environment is Quiet and Private

If you’ve been forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you already know how easily your workspace can become invaded by your family life. Working from home does have a lot of advantages. However, it can be hard to organize your thoughts and to focus on your work when you’re surrounded by toys, grocery bags, laundry, and dirty dishes. A garden office is a dedicated workspace where you can keep things tidy and organized. You will also notice that you are more productive and more efficient.

You Get to Control Your Work Schedule

Isn’t it super annoying to be stuck in your office despite not having anything to work on? This is a very frequent situation that can be avoided if you have a garden office. Instead of waiting around for someone to give you a task, you can use that time to do the laundry, cook something, or do a little bit of cleaning. If you have some autonomy, you can even decide when your workday begins and when it ends.

You’ll Work in a Healthier Environment

Summer houses are made of slow-growing Nordic spruce harvested from sustainable forests. Furthermore, timber is a healthier option than brick, steel, and plasterboard, because it binds toxic substances, pollutants, fungi, and bacteria from the air we breathe. Garden offices made of timber keep the humidity and temperature at an even level and they discourage mold spores and dust from spreading. Studies have also shown that people who work in wooden buildings are less stressed. So, if you want to work in a healthy and stress-free environment, a garden office is the best option.

Garden Offices are Very Affordable

This year has been an unusual one as it brought about a lot of economic uncertainty, so it’s only natural to search for an affordable solution. Summer houses and garden offices are surprisingly affordable. Even the spacious designs are cheaper than building an extension to your home or moving to a bigger house. In addition to that, summer houses can be customized and equipped by your needs and preferences.

They are More Economical than Rented Offices

Since we’re talking about saving money and making smart investments, it’s worth mentioning that the running costs of a garden office are much lower than those of a rented office. If you are self-employed or own a small business, you know how difficult paying rent can be, especially during a pandemic. Investing in a home office is a safe and affordable option if you need a comfortable workspace.

Garden Cabins are Versatile

The best thing about garden cabins is their versatility. If you won’t need a garden office in the future, you can simply transform your garden cabin into a hobby room, storage space, summer kitchen, guest room, granny annex, and even a garden sauna or a spa room. If you opt for a more spacious design, you can even use it as a multi-purpose space.

Summer Houses are Eco-Friendly

In addition to having a very earthy and cozy design, log cabins are very eco-friendly. Timber is an energy-efficient material, which means that by spending half of your day in your garden office, you might save some money on utilities. According to a recent study carried out by the University of Maine at Orono, timber stores heat energy during the day, radiates it at night, and provides a balanced temperature. The infrastructure of log cabins makes for high efficiency when it comes to using air conditioning and heating. Furthermore, our log cabins are equipped with double-glazed windows and you can opt for insulation if you plan on using your garden office year-round.

A Garden Office Adds Value to your Property

As mentioned above, garden offices are great investments as they add value to your property. If you plan on selling your house in the foreseeable future, you’ll need to boost the curb appeal of your property in any way you can. A log cabin will do just that because more and more people are looking for properties with extra space. If you want your house to sell like hotcakes, invest in a spacious summer house that can be used as a garden office, as a hobby room, or even as an Airbnb rental.

Your Work Environment will Suit Your Needs and Preferences

In other words, you’ll get to work in a cozy and nicely-decorated office where you get to keep your favorite plants, cuddle your pets, and hang beautiful art on the walls. Or, you can keep it simple, if you prefer a minimalist modern garden office. Regardless of your home décor preferences, it’s always nice and fulfilling to customize your space. Not to mention that you also get to spend more time in your garden.