Halloween Decorations on a Budget for Your House and Garden Log Cabins


Garden Log Cabins

It’s October! And you know what that means! Cue the pumpkin spiced lattes! Yes, that too. But we actually meant Halloween decorations. Fright month comes loaded with a plethora of opportunities to decorate your house and garden log cabins. You can go full on horror and scare the neighborhood kids or you can choose a softer approach. This could mean a Disney-themed Halloween, a Hocus Pocus inspired one or even one that mixes Halloween with Christmas like in the Nightmare Before Christmas.

But fear not! Because all these amazing ideas don’t necessarily have to break the bank or get you over budget. As always, there are plenty of ways to make Halloween decorations on a budget that will work amazingly well if you’re planning on decorating your house, yard or garden log cabins. Here are some creative ideas!

Paper Bloody Footprints

This idea is as easy as they come. All you need is some red paper and glue or red mural paper so you won’t have to mess around with the glue at all. Cut the paper in the shape of bloody footprints. Stick them all around your house, garden, stairs, and front door, as if something fishy happened there.

If you want an extra touch, trace your own hand outline on a piece of red paper and cut out bloody handprints. Stick them on your front door!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

If there were no more pumpkins, Halloween would be cancelled. That’s how synonymous these orange vegetables have become with the holiday. Fortunately for everyone looking for Halloween decorations on a budget, pumpkins are also very cheap.

Therefore, you can stock up, carve them in any way you want and display them everywhere. This means your on front porch, in your garden, next to your garden log cabins, and inside the house. Don’t forget to add candles inside for that special spooky effect!

Bones in the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, you can convert it into a super spooky place for the night. Take out the logs and pile some dirt from your backyard in there. The goal is to make it look like ashes. Place a few fake bones in there that you can buy at any arts and crafts store. And voila! A shady place where someone tried to hide their wrongdoings! All on a budget!

Backyard Graveyard

This sounds complicated, but it’s actually super quick and cheap to make. Plus, if you have children, you can easily get them involved into this fun pastime activity! All you need are some reclaimed materials and a little spare time.

The basic material for your fake tombstones will be carboard. Therefore, if you have boxes laying around from items you ordered online, fantastic! If not, you can ask for some from your local supermarket or shops. In this way, they will be completely free. You will also need some gray and black paint as well as a few markers. You can go all out with a bit of glow in the dark or neon paint if you think you can fit that into your budget.

Cut the shape of the tombstones out of your cardboard boxes and paint them in gray and black. Use the markers to write fake names and spooky messages on them. If you’re a fan of dark humour, write names of celebrities such as Elvis, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe on them as if they are in your garden.

Spread the carboard tombstones in your backyard and around your garden log cabins to make it look like an actual graveyard. Your garden log cabins can serve as a chapel. You can even put a table in there where you can serve drinks and sweets. All Halloween themed, of course!

The Specimen Lab

Here’s a great idea that works well both for your house and your garden log cabins in case you’re planning on using it to host a Halloween party in there. Make your own specimen jars that look like they belong in a mad scientist’s lab!

All you need are some jars, water, food coloring and plastic insects. If you like this idea, you can plan ahead for it and save jars that you normally use so that you won’t have to buy new ones. This means jam jars, pickle jars, anything that had pasta sauce in it or olives.

Clean them well and fill them up with water mixed with food coloring. Choose your favorite colors but try to stay within the Halloween theme as well. The spooky colors are black, yellow, and orange, with a bit of red mixed in. Add a different plastic insect to each one and place them around your house or garden log cabins. They will look like experiments from the lab of a mad scientist!

Stocking Cobwebs

Warning – these look very real so the adults might squirm seeing them. But the little ones will adore them! Let’s end our list of Halloween decorations on a budget for your house and garden log cabins with a very simple yet oh, so realistic idea for stocking cobwebs.

They are exactly as advertised. All you need are some white clear or matte stockings. Fill them with cotton and place a small rock or two right at the bottom to act as a weight and make them even more realistic. Use a bit of glue to stick as many small, black, plastic spiders as you can to them. This will seem as if the white stockings filled with cotton are an egg sack that just burst, making tens of black spiders crawl out.

Let the squirming commence. You have been warned! But your children will love how realistic they are!

In case the monsters didn’t get you yet, let us know how you are planning to decorate your house and garden log cabins this year for Halloween. Do you have other tips for decorating on a budget? Because we would love to hear them!