How a Wooden Summer House Can Offer Much-Needed Additional Space or Storage


On the hunt for some much-needed additional space or storage in your garden?

Sick and tired of looking out of the kitchen window and seeing clutter in your garden, whether it be children’s toys, gardening equipment, or unused garden outdoor furniture?

Worry not. We’ve got you covered.

Here, we will discuss how a wooden summer house might just be the ideal solution you have been searching for.

How a Garden Building Can Offer Fantastic Storage Space

wooden summer house

Summer Houses Stay Dry

The UK weather is fickle, to say the least. 

One moment the sun is beaming, and whispers start about the possibility of a weekend barbeque. Then, before the kettle has finished boiling, the weather has completely shifted, and the torrential rain is well and truly upon you.

A summer house is an excellent storage solution as it offers dry storage and shelter for any outdoor equipment. Rather than leaving that unused barbeque out in the garden to rust, or watching the lifespan of your child’s favourite go-kart rapidly dwindle, you can protect your possessions with a wooden summer house.

Garden Buildings Offer Proper Ventilation

However, excellent quality wall thickness and high-quality roofing are not the only reasons our summer houses remain dry, even during the most torrid UK weather.

They also provide proper ventilation, ensuring the chances of your kid’s today or brand new shiny lawn mower doesn’t become damp or mouldy, increasing the lifespan of your possessions, and saving you plenty of money replacing them in the future.

A Garden Summer House Can be Locked and Secured

Wherever you live, safety and security are essential for your peace of mind. Our range of summer houses and summer house sheds all come with thick walls and double glazed windows, offering additional security. Our doors also operate on the same locking system as most front doors, which ensures you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing your equipment is safe and secure.

A Corner Summer House Makes Great Use Of Outdoor Space

We all have that one corner of the garden that goes unused. 

But not any longer!

A corner summer house is a fantastic option to take advantage of that unused space and turn it into your very own storage paradise. 

The best part? Using an unused corner of your garden for storage ensures plenty of space to entertain guests or allow the kids to run around and play.

A Summer House Can Have More Than One Purpose.

Finally, while a summer house is an excellent option for storage, it doesn’t have to be its only purpose.

Many summer houses will offer plenty of space for you to use for storage and still have some space left over for other things. 

That’s right. You finally have the space you need for your artistic career to take off! You’ll no longer have to pester your partner to let you use the paints in the house or find yourself painting in near-darkness in the garage.

Here are some of the most popular uses for a garden summer house:

  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Home cinema
  • Home spa
  • Home studio

Final Thoughts on a Summer House Garden Room

wooden summer house

If a summer house sounds like the perfect storage solution for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

Our experts will be more than happy to help you find the perfect summer house for your needs and explain some more complex aspects, such as whether you should choose a pent or apex roof for your summer house.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Houses

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Summer House?

Whether or not you need planning permission will depend entirely on several factors, including the size of your chosen summer house, where you plan to place it, and how big your garden is. Always check the local regulations before any purchase.

Where Can I Get A Contemporary Summer House?

Summer House 24 offers a wide variety of contemporary summer houses for you to choose from, so you can find your perfect new garden building for your outdoor space.

Is A Summer House A Good Use Of My Garden Space?

A summer house is an excellent use of garden space, as it allows you to maximize it, and provide invaluable protection for your garden possessions.


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