What are the Most Popular Uses of Summer Houses?


Are you considering purchasing a garden summer house?

You are not alone. Over recent years, summer houses have risen in popularity, and for a good reason. There are so many ways that you can use the additional garden space to your advantage.

Whether it’s having fun with friends in summer, creating the perfect isolated workspace, or dedicating a space to your passions and hobbies, a summer house can do it all.

Here are some of the most popular uses of summer houses for you to consider for your purchase.

Excellent Uses for a Summer House

Home Office

summer house

One of the main reasons summer houses have risen in popularity in recent years is the rise in popularity of garden offices.

A garden office is a fantastic way to utilize a garden building, as it provides you with a space in your property that you can completely dedicate to your work.

Garden rooms offer a unique sense of seclusion, which will allow you to dive into your work away from distractions.

Using a spare room in your main house is certainly an option, but it is hard to fully focus on your work with lots of other things occurring around you.

Entertaining Guests

summer house

A pretty summer house is also a fantastic option for entertaining guests and hosting a garden party.

Whether it is an afternoon tea party or a summer barbeque, a summer house offers the perfect place for you to store food, garden furniture, and anything else you could possibly need to host an incredible event.

Storing Gardening Essentials

summer house

Large garden tools are essential, but they can be incredibly frustrating to store. They take up plenty of storage space, space that you would often rather use to spruce up your garden with potted plants or vegetable patches.

A summer house offers the perfect place to store garden tools. With the right summer house, there will be plenty of room inside for all your tools and possibly even other uses.

Home Spa

summer house

Are you searching for a way to feel more relaxed at home? What is more relaxing than a spa room, all to yourself? With a summer house and sauna, you can skip the queues and relax in peace and quiet at a time that suits you in your own special place.

Put up some fairy lights, sheer curtains, and stylish artwork, and create your own beautiful retreat at the bottom of your garden for all-year-round comfort.

Home Entertainment

summer house


Are you a huge film fanatic? Rather than spending lots of money on tickets and sweets, why not build your own home cinema?

Grab your duvet and pillows, and take your family down to the summer house for a night of film and laughter.

A Guest House

summer house

Another great use of your summer house could be as a guest house. A summer house guest house offers a great, unique stay for friends or family when they are in town, which is sure to attract more people to come to visit you.

It is worth noting you will potentially need planning permission to build a guest house in your garden. Before any purchase, we strongly recommend you check your local guidelines before purchase.

A Games Room

summer house

A summer house also makes an excellent choice for a games room. It is a special space that you can dedicate specifically to fun games, like old arcade games, pool, or table tennis.

A games room is a great way to bring the whole family together, with some light-hearted competition.

Keeping your games away from the rest of your house is excellent as it allows you to keep the space clear and not allow the game tables or consoles to get lost with other things you are storing in your house.


summer house

A garden structure offers an excellent option for your very own workshop. Source your perfect tools and machines, and take advantage of the robust walls and wooden floor to build your dream DIY workshop.


summer house

A garden studio is an excellent choice for you to work on your creative side. Perhaps you need a specific place to focus on your writing, work on your artwork, or practise your acting lines.

A summer house is a fantastic option to allow you to completely immerse yourself in your creative hobby. The only distraction would be rain on your summer house roof as you lose yourself in your art form.

Other Less Common Summer House Uses

She Shed

Men aren’t the only ones that can turn a summer house into a dream hobby room! Instead of a man cave, some people opt to turn their garden summer house into the perfect she-shed.

Grab a coffee table, a comfy sofa, and other essentials for your dream hobby room, and enjoy everyday life more with your own space to kick back and relax.

Kids Playroom

Another summer house idea you could try is giving the kids their very own space. One of the biggest causes of arguments between children and their parents is when kids feel they don’t have their own space.

You can use the extra space garden buildings offer you to change this, and provide them with a place to go to where they can be on their own or spend time with friends, away from the parents but still within a safe place.

In summer, a summer house or garden building is a fantastic use of outdoor space. Most garden buildings don’t require planning permission, and with additional insulation, you can use it all year round.

Check out our range of wooden summer houses and garden log cabins to find your dream choice and bring one of these summer house ideas to life!

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Houses

What Do People Use A Summer House For?

The most popular uses for a wooden summer house include:

  • Home Office
  • Entertaining Guests
  • Storing Gardening Essentials
  • Home Spa
  • Home Entertainment
  • A Guest House
  • A Games Room
  • Workshop
  • Studio

What Do You Do With A Small Summer House?

There are plenty of ways to use a smaller summer house:

  • As a small home office.
  • As a small workshop.
  • For garden storage space.
  • As an art or gym studio.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Summer House?

The best place to place your summer house is where it gets lots of natural light and is easy to access without taking up too much valuable garden space.