How to Turn Your Garden Cabins into a Writing Shed – Tips & Tricks


How to Turn Your Garden Cabins into a Writing Shed – Tips & Tricks

The writing shed. This idea has been floating around the web for the past few years so it’s finally time to tackle it for all of you out there who are already writers in need of a personal space. Or for those of you who aspire to be writers and need a place to get started on writing the next great American novel or the next big Jane Austen romance. We have prepared a list of tips and tricks on how to turn your garden cabins into a writing shed to make the transition as smooth as possible!

1. Do I need a permit?

This absolutely has to be the number one step on your list! Otherwise, you will put in a lot of work turning your garden cabins into a writing spot only to find out you have to tear it down.

It all depends on the area where you live. For example, you might be allowed to erect a shed only with a permit or you might not be allowed to do it at all. Other areas could ask your garden cabins to have certain specifications that meet the codes and regulations. Always ask first and get all the paperwork you need!

2. Decide if you need electricity

Needless to say, your garden cabins will not come hooked up to the main power grid. You will have to do that yourself if you want to. However, that’s not mandatory. Decide before you choose the location of the writing shed how much time you will be spending in there and whether it will be by day or by night.

If you come to the conclusion you need electricity, then make sure you place the garden cabins as close to the power source as possible. This will make your job much easier. In fact, if it’s close enough you might get away with just a desk lamp and a power cord!

3. Where should I place my garden cabins?

Seeing as they will now serve as a writing shed, this will depend on what you prefer as a creative person. In other words, what gets your imagination going – silence or the humdrum of a busy place?

With that in mind, you can choose the perfect place in your backyard. It can be as far away from any human contact as possible, where none can bother you. Or it can be close to the street, where you can see people walking by and even talk to them for extra inspiration.

4. Decorating your writing shed

This comes down to your writer personality once more. Some writers like to be surrounded by objects that put them in the right mind for creation. This means rows and rows of books, stationary scattered everywhere, pillows to rest and think, candles for a cozy feeling, a small bed for your pet, and everything else in between.

While other writers enjoy a more minimalistic approach. Think of it as a Hemingway style of decorating. Your preferred writing tool, a table, and a chair. This can help you think of nothing else but the story you are writing.

5. Will you use it all year round?

This is a very important question you need to ask yourself. Are you planning on using your brand new writing shed only in the summer or do you want to have access to it all year round? Because if you do, you will need to add a heating system to it.

Most garden cabins are made of wood and even if it is high quality wood, it won’t be enough to keep you warm in winter. Therefore, if you want to continue the creative process during the cold months, think about installing a space heater. It goes without saying that a fireplace is out of the question!

6. Give your garden cabins multi purposes

This means that you can do so much more with your garden cabins now that you have refurbished them. Of course, their primary function will still be that of a writing shed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them beyond that one, specific purpose.

For example, if you add a couch and a few chairs, you can easily have a few friends over for dinner in the garden. If you have also connected your writing shed to the main electricity grid, install a plasma screen and you can watch movies and games in there. Your kids can get a corner of their own where they can play at will and enjoy the fresh air of the garden.

Writing sheds are a growing trend

More and more people who live in the city are turning their garden cabin into writing sheds, man caves, she sheds, guest houses, and more. They want to maximize the very limited space they have when it comes to their main house. Apart from that, high quality refurbished garden cabins up real estate prices in a way never before seen.

In other words, if you do a great job on your writing shed now and fit it with everything it needs, you will be able to ask for a much higher price if ever you decide to sell your property. More and more people are starting to work remotely and prefer the intimacy of a home office. Therefore, that is definitely something you can take advantage of.

In conclusion, it seems like there’s a lot more to your garden cabins than you might have ever imagined. You can turn them into your private writing shed now and enjoy a few years of unspoiled privacy and creativity. But when the time comes to move on, you will reap the rewards even further when you will see just how much the investment has upped the price of your property! Let us know in the comment section below your thoughts and comments as well as any questions on how to turn your garden cabins into a writing shed!