No Time and Money? Decorating Hacks for Your Garden Office!


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According to all the shows on TV, to various YouTube creators, and Instagram and Pinterest profiles, decorating takes a long time, costs a lot of money, and you need at least three degrees in DIY skills to pull it off. Needless to say, even the simplest of tasks, such as decorating your garden office can seem daunting. Therefore, we have compiled a list of decorating hacks that will take the stress out of revamping your garden office. And actually make it a pleasurable experience!

#1 Add a Pop of Color to Your Garden Office

One of the easiest decorating hacks you can do is add a pop of color to your office. This means that you don’t actually have to redecorate. Of course, this is a hack! Instead, all you have to do is add a rug, a set of new curtains, or a few throw pillows that are the opposite color of the palette you have now.

For example, if your garden office is decorated in shades of cream and yellow, add a purple rug in the center. If your main color scheme is white and lilac, go for a set of throw pillows in bright yellows and oranges. The pop of color will make the space look new and refreshed.

#2 Go for Molding Panels

If you don’t know what they are or how they work, allow us to explain. Molding panels are very inexpensive architectural details that you can apply to the bottom of your wall. They work fantastically well in garden offices because they are usually modeled after designs of historic plaster. This means they have a classy, dignified look to them, all for a super cheap price.

Molding panels start as low as £20 or $14 given the fact that most of them are made of lightweight urethane. They will save you a lot of money and extra decorations for your walls. Plus, they will give your garden office the feel of an old, European location.

#3 Paint the Furniture

This is one of the simplest DIY jobs out there, so even the least experienced garden office owners can do it! It’s a decorating hack that asks you to paint your furniture if you feel like your work space needs a makeover. Go for it if you don’t want to go through the hassle of decorating or if you don’t have the budget for it.

And here’s a tip. Don’t stop at a mere paint job. While you’re at it, think out of the box a little! This means giving your furniture a new life. For example, you can paint it neon yellow, gorgeous pastels that will work marvelously with your garden or a funky pink. It will feel like you have a brand new office.

You can also try looking for discounts on the paint itself. For example, there are hardware stores that sell something called a can of ‘oops paint.’ This means a premixed color that didn’t mix in a correct way. If you’re not bothered by that, you can get a huge quantity at a massive discount!

#4 Get New Furniture… for Less

And since we’re on the topic of discounts, here’s another great hack. You can redecorate your garden office with entirely new furniture at a very low price if you find a hotel in your area that’s also redecorating. Most of the times, said hotel will not want to simply throw out its old furniture. That would mean coming out at a loss. Therefore, they will sell it at a discount.

The good news is that hotel furniture is usually in good condition and, most importantly, designer-made. Therefore, you can get a high end desk and chairs for a very small price if you’re on the lookout for this decorating hack.

#5 The Wallpaper Hack

A great tip when it comes to inexpensive and fast redecorating is to give one of your walls a glow up. And what better way to do that than by covering it in gold? Does that sound expensive and time consuming? It’s not!

All you need is some gold foil tape which only costs a few pounds. How you use it is entirely up to you. For example, you could go for straight or parallel lines or you could create a geometric design using a ruler and a pencil. Once you have your initial drawing, simply stick the gold foil tape on top to create your geometric pattern. But you could also write an inspirational quote on your wall using the same luxurious tape. Let your creativity guide you!

#6 Add Potted Plants

Since this is a garden office, after all, potted plants and succulents will only continue the outside aesthetic.  But they can also be a great redecorating hack in case you need to add some new elements to your office without wasting too much time or money.

The best thing about this hack is that you have a wealth of flowers and plants to choose from, all with minimal maintenance requirements. The African Violet, for example, has been a favorite for offices ever since the 70s. The main reason is that it needs exactly the same conditions as you do in terms of temperature and humidity to feel happy.

The English Ivy will keep on growing as much as you allow it. Therefore, once it reaches maturity and you let it unfold its leaves and tendrils, it becomes a piece of living art. Another option for your garden office is the ZZ plant. Everyone loves it because it simply thrives under fluorescent lightbulbs with very little water. The ZZ in this succulent’s name stand for Zamioculus zamifolia.

What do you think about these hacks for decorating your garden office? All of them are meant to save you time, money, and energy but to breathe new life into the space where you probably spend the best part of your day. Do you have any other decorating hacks you want to share with us?


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