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How to Turn Your Garden Summer House into a Kitchen

Garden Summer House

The outdoor kitchen is becoming a bigger trend by the minute. Wherever you look on the internet or social media you can see the stories of people who have successfully managed to turn their garden summer house into a kitchen. It could be either because they love to cook or bake or because they want to start a business and they need the dedicated space.

No matter the purpose, the truth is that hiring a contractor to manage this home improvement project for you could turn out to break the bank so to say. Especially if you’re planning a small startup business and are on a limited budget. But the good news is that this is definitely something you can do on your own if you follow some of the tips we’ve laid out here for you!

Water and Electricity for Your Garden Summer House

As you might have expected, the number one task on your project list will definitely be furnishing your garden summer house with water and electricity. There will be no other way to cook in there otherwise!

It’s difficult to explain right here how the process will go for you because it all depends on the area where you live. It also depends on the space where you plan the put the actual garden summer house

In other words, you might have to get a permit to run water and electrical wires to the annex. Or you might have to dig one or two trenches for the water pipes. Alternatively, some of you could find this easier than expected if your garden summer house is placed very close to the main house or the primary power and water lines. Then it will be smooth sailing, so to say!

Cooling and Heating

This decision is entirely up to you, and it mostly depends on how long you plan on spending cooking in your new garden kitchen. For example, if this is just a hobby and you will be in there during the summer grilling a few steaks and tossing a salad, there is no need to install an air conditioner or a heat pump.

However if you’re a chef or a professional baker and this is your cooking venture, you will be working out of your new kitchen all year round. As a consequence, you will most likely be super cold in the winter and very hot in the summer, as the garden summer house is made of wood. Consider investing in an air conditioner or a heat pump that can keep you comfortable.

Installing Your Appliances

This is, probably, the most difficult of the tasks you need to perform alongside with hooking your garden summer house to the water and electricity power grid. Therefore, if you are not confident you can do this on your own or you feel you don’t have enough experience, that’s alright! Call the proverbial guy!

It will be worth the money you spend so as to prevent any accidents from happening. You will need to install electrical outlets, pipes for drainage, as well as all the lights you think you are going to use.

Then move on to the cupboards used for storage and the benchtops. It’s a good idea to install all of these in the order we mentioned. Otherwise, when you put in your stove, you won’t have an outlet to plug it into. Last but definitely not least come your stove, refrigerator, and sink.

These are the basic elements you will need in your garden kitchen. However, if you want and have money in your budget, you can also bring in a microwave, dishwasher, blender, mixer, sous-vide machine, and anything else that you need for a successful business or at home bakery.

Decorating Your New Garden Kitchen

This, again, will depend on what you plan on using it for. If it’s your personal kitchen and it acts as a simple extension of your main one in the house, then you can decorate it any way you want.

However, if this is going to be a business and the food prepared in there will be used for commercial purposes, you might need to follow a few codes laid out by the sanitation department. They could include kitchen tiles and stainless steel countertops that won’t present any health issues. Make sure you ask before you start decorating your garden summer house!

Extras for Your Kitchen Garden Summer House

These extra bits are for those of you out there who are planning to start a business out of there new garden summer house. When you are done, you will have to comply with all the rules and regulations as stipulated by law. Exactly like a traditional restaurant! Therefore, here are some more things you will need to install in your garden summer house.

For example, all the kicks inside must be filled using concrete so that they don’t remain void. Keep that in mind!

Your space also has to be fitted with a grease trap, as required by law. If you want to install a commercial stove inside, you will meet some restrictors.

You will not be permitted to have wooden floors, window frames or wooden architraves on the windows of your garden summer house. Everything needs to be fitted in stainless steel. You also need to get a commercial fire extinguisher and a commercial fan as opposed to domestic ones.

Your local council might also require you to put all the furniture on mobile legs so you can move it around and wash underneath. In the same way, they could ask you to install splash backs to your sinks or even auto taps for food safety reasons. Therefore, make sure you check all this out before buying and installing anything!

Are You Ready for Your New Kitchen Garden Summer House?

Having a second kitchen in your garden is definitely a blessing. Installing it in your garden summer house might sound a little complicated but it will definitely be worth it when you cook your first dinner for your friends and family! It will up the value of your house.


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