Insulated Garden Rooms

Insulated garden rooms are ideal home extensions that you can use all year round. Summer House 24 offers great selection of premium insulated garden rooms that you can use as home offices, gyms, entertainment spaces, studios, hobby rooms, guest accommodation, and more. Our fully insulated garden rooms are comfortable and hassle-free. We offer delivery, installation services, and our experts are happy to help you choose the perfect insulated summer house for your garden!

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Insulated Garden Rooms UK

Insulated garden rooms are comfortable outbuildings that can be used as extensions to your principal residence and that have many different purposes. Garden rooms that are already insulated are comfortable year-round and are designed to complement your garden or your outdoor area. We offer a wide range of insulated garden rooms that you can use in summer and winter without worrying about the outside temperatures. Insulation allows you to control the interior temperature of your garden room and it also prevents moisture build-up.

We offer premium products at unbeatable prices and our experts can help you find the perfect insulated garden room based on your needs and purposes. Our new products look similar to our standard products, but technology-wise they are quite different. Our standard garden rooms are made from massive wood, which means that the walls are 100% wooden planks. Our insulated garden rooms, on the other hand, are built using SIPs technology. These products are quick to assemble, are a lot better insulated, and can be easily used all year round. We also offer fully-insulated container cabins that are made from used shipping containers instead of panels and are equally comfortable.

Benefits of Insulated Garden Rooms UK

Insulated garden rooms have a lot of compelling benefits. First and foremost, insulated garden rooms are more durable as the insulation prevents a few common issues such as dampness, mould, and insect infestations. Insulation helps regulate the airflow and the temperature in your garden room, thus protecting the structure of the building. Another great advantage of insulated garden rooms is the fact that they are energy-efficient so they can save you money. And last but not least, insulated garden rooms can be used for many different purposes such as garden offices, games rooms, extra bedrooms, hobby rooms, gyms, etc.

Can you insulate a garden room?

Yes, you can insulate a garden room and we offer a hassle-free solution. Our insulated garden rooms are equipped with structured insulated panels (SIP) and are much better insulated than regular garden rooms. The installation and assembly process is just as quick and easy as that of our standard summer houses and the main advantage is the fact that you don’t have to worry about adding extra insulation. If you want to opt for the best insulated garden rooms the UK has to offer, we recommend choosing one of our fully-insulated container cabins or a SIP cabin.

Does my garden room need to be insulated?

If you wish to use your garden room year-round without worrying about the outside elements, you should invest in an insulated garden room. Any garden room can be equipped with insulation, but if you need an insulated garden office, an insulated summer house, or an insulated shed, we recommend our high-quality SIP cabins and our fully-insulated container cabins.

Can you sleep in a garden room?

Yes, you can sleep in a garden room as long as it is properly insulated. Our insulated garden rooms are comfortable in all seasons. In addition to insulation, you should also consider installing a heating system if you want your garden room to be comfortable in winter. It is important to mention that garden rooms that are used as permanent living quarters might require planning permission.

Is 50mm insulation enough for a garden room?

When it comes to insulating garden rooms, the insulation should be at least 50mm thick for the walls and floor, and 75 mm thick for the roof. However, it is important to mention that thickness isn’t the only thing that determines the efficiency of insulation, as some materials have different insulation properties. Our fully-insulated garden rooms are equipped with 97 mm and 122 mm insulated panels.

Where can I find insulated garden rooms near me?

If you are looking for the best insulated garden rooms Scotland and the UK have to offer, you’ve come to the right place. We offer insulated garden rooms with installation and you can easily purchase our products online. You can also find our fully insulated garden rooms supplied and fitted in our display sites in Devon and Leeds. We deliver our insulated garden rooms to all parts of the UK, including Ireland and Scotland.