How to Make Your Garden Room Cozy & Inviting


How to Make Your Garden Room Cosy

Garden rooms always change the character of any garden. A garden without a summerhouse, a small log cabin, or a garden shed is more or less just ‘outside’ while a garden containing such an inviting wooden garden room takes the character of an inhabited space, as if the garden would change into an extension of the house, into a space to live in, to spend time in.

While this is an undisputed fact among the owners of such garden rooms, the way to use a garden room is, of course, quite variable. While some make it a garden lounge, to spend their leisure time in a comfortable environment, others are used as spas, garden saunas or fitness centres, a garden office, a guest room, or a workshop.

In the following article, we offer tips on how to make your garden room a cozy one.

Furnishing the garden room

a corner sofa with 2 dogs seating on it

In most garden rooms, space is limited and therefore space-saving solutions are always worth striving for. However, there is no way to make a luxurious broad sitting area space-saving, or is there? Well, if the main purpose of your garden lounge is to sit or lay there comfortably, watching a film, listening to music, or playing it yourself, or reading a book then there is no reason for your sitting area to be space-saving for it is the main purpose of the garden room.

Comfort is key in a cozy garden room. Choose furniture that invites relaxation, such as deep armchairs, a plush sofa, or a daybed. Look for pieces that offer both style and comfort, upholstered in soft, inviting fabrics. Adding an ottoman or foot stool can provide additional comfort and serve as extra seating when entertaining guests. Additionally, if you share your home with a pet, remember to arrange a cosy spot for them next to your own. There’s nothing quite as comforting as the warmth of your furry companion by your side.

However, even a very broad and cozy sofa and even some large armchairs can be made a bed to offer an occasional guest a room to stay. To find inspiration for multi-purpose furniture, you might look for ‘tiny-house’ furnishing. Maybe even a small kitchen would fit into your garden room, just enough to make a quick salad out of herbs and flowers from the garden, make a tea or keep some snacks or fruit cool in the fridge.
One of the unique aspects of a garden room is its connection to the outdoors. Emphasize this link by incorporating elements from nature into your decor. In addition to indoor plants, consider using materials like rattan, wicker, or bamboo for furniture and accessories. Stone, wood, and other natural materials can be used in decorative items, flooring, or wall coverings to enhance the outdoor feel.

A nice bookshelf integrated into the wall can be a useful piece of furniture as well as a very decorative element.

The light must be soothing for garden rooms

Lighting significantly impacts the atmosphere of a space. To create a cozy garden room, consider layering your lighting. Start with warm LED bulbs for a soft, ambient base. Add task lighting, such as reading lamps or under-shelf lights in your favorite summer house, for activities requiring focus. Accent lightings, like wall sconces or battery-operated candles, can highlight architectural features or artwork, adding depth and interest to the room.

You can use different levels of light using a variety of different lights with individual switches. For a quiet evening with a book and a cup of tea, you will just need a reading light and not much more light throughout the garden room. For working or tidying up, you will want to have the opportunity to illuminate the room quite brightly. By using light on different objects like pictures, pieces of furniture or decoration, you can direct the atmosphere in the room. Light shining out of water for example from an aquarium or a little pond always has a special character not at least by the moving reflections of the light on the surface of the water.

Candles do make a very special, warm atmosphere, be it for meditations, for quiet evenings looking out the large floor-to-roof windows into your garden, or for a candlelight dinner with friends in the garden room or on its veranda. So why not equip your garden room with various candle holders on the tops of the furniture and the walls?
Of course, any open fire, like from a fireplace will not only be a means of heating the garden room but also be a source of very romantic lighting.

Large windows for lots of natural light in the garden room

warm natural light coming through window with sheer curtians on it in a cozy room

Contemporary garden rooms often feature large floor-to-roof windows that fill the room with natural light during the daytime.

Blinds, shutters, and curtains will not only be able to dim the light and keep the sunshine out during hot summer days but also are a decorative element to use wisely in your garden room. Long, white, transparent curtains swaying softly in the summer breeze blowing through the tilted window, painting their light shades on the wooden floorboards of the garden room are like a symbol for relaxed summertime and pleasure.
To interrupt the large glass areas, using sash bars on the windows will create a more cozy country-style atmosphere.

Comfortable temperatures in the garden room at all times

If you use your garden room also during the winter, insulation and heating will be necessary. For both topics, we have set up manuals for you to follow that you can find under the links above.

An open fireplace will not only bring you heat but also a very cozy atmosphere. The same is true for wood-burning stoves with transparent glass doors.

If your garden room has a flat roof, it might also get hot during summer. Insulating the roof is one option, installing a green roof with grass and herbs would be another. Of course, you can always also install air conditioning.

Modern hot and cold air conditioning are heat pumps that function in both directions so that you can cool down and heat your garden room with the same device.

Create a Warm Palette

Colour can dramatically affect the perception of warmth in a room. Choose a color palette that evokes warmth and comfort. Earth tones, such as browns, greens, and terracottas, can create a snug and earthy feel. Soft pastels, like peach, soft yellow, or lavender, can add a gentle warmth to the space. Consider the use of paint, textiles, and decorative items to incorporate these colors into your garden room.

Decorative elements in the garden room

glass vase with yellow flower for home decor

Decorative elements in the garden room not only decorate the room but also show that you care about the atmosphere in the room. Pictures and metal signs can have funny, romantic, nostalgic, cheeky, or many more contents and influence the mood in the garden room. If not, they might as well just simply be pretty and a pleasure to look at, or they add colors to certain areas.

Decor items made from plants in the garden like roots, flowers, old pieces of wood, or even ancient pieces of garden equipment are always nice and interesting. A wreath of flowers on the wall or simply some fresh flowers in a vase add not only their colorful beauty to the garden room but also their wonderful scents.
Adding your touch by personalizing your garden room makes it feel more inviting. Display items that reflect your interests and personality, such as books, artwork, photographs, or collections. These personal touches can spark conversations with guests and make the space truly feel like your own.

Texture adds visual interest and physical comfort to a room. Mix and match different materials to create a richly layered look. Combine smooth surfaces, like glass or polished wood, with rougher textures like wool throws or jute rugs. Velvet cushions, silk curtains, and knitted blankets can add layers of luxury and comfort.

Not at least the view through the large windows of your contemporary garden room into a nice and lush green garden is a soothing, peaceful, and optimistic element to set the mood for relaxing stays.

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