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How to Throw an Awesome Party in Your Garden Shed 22.05.2021

Summer is almost here and we can finally enjoy some good weather. And luckily for us, the COVID-19 restrictions are more permissive, which means that we can throw an awesome garden party with up to 5 people. A party is like a breath of fresh air after many months of harsh restrictions. Because we know…

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Building a Garden Shed 101: Quick DIY Guide 22.08.2020

If you are a practical and organized homeowner, you probably thought about building your own shed more than once. A garden shed is a versatile structure that reflects your taste, provides extra storage space, and makes your wife happy as she won’t trip over gardening tools and lawnmowers. Not to mention you’ll finally be able…

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10 FAQ for Garden Sheds in The UK 19.07.2018

The questions that buyers of garden sheds in the UK come up with before they finally decide for a certain model are mostly always the same. One question is, of course, always decided before the other questions arise, and that is the question of what to use the garden shed for. A certain need is…

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Prepare Your Garden Shed for the New Gardening Season 16.01.2018

The holidays are over and with the awakening of nature in view, the garden shed commands attention so that it will be perfectly prepared to take the center stage as the logistical  hub for the  upcoming new gardening season. The shed may for some more time during the first months of the year do its…

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Wooden Garden Shed, Plastic, or Metal? Which Material is The Best Choice for Your Shed? 19.09.2017

Building an outdoor garden shed, a storage shed, or a garden room is probably the easiest way for most to add much-needed storage space or living space. However, the traditional wooden shed has got competition by sheds from metal or even plastic, promising easy construction and maintenance-free usage. Even though the decision for a certain…

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The Right Flooring for Your Garden Shed in the UK – Options And Considerations – Part II 19.06.2017

In the first part we have covered the pros and cons of having a wooden floor in the garden shed and given some tips and information about preparations of the ground and how to construct the underfloor. In this part we will look at different options for flooring and how usage and flooring go together…

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The Right Flooring for Your Garden Shed in the UK – Options And Considerations – Part I 19.06.2017

If you want to buy a shed, a summer house or a garden shed in the UK, you will often have the choice to decide between a shed with a wooden floor and sheds offered without a floor. You could spare some money, if you decide for the option without floor. because the materials for…

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