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Quick Guide to Buying a Wooden Garage – Benefits, Costs, and More

Quick Guide to Buying a Wooden Garage – Benefits, Costs, and More

Investing in a brand new wooden garage is a big decision, but spring is almost here and now is the perfect time to decide what this year’s investments will be. Doing some research is crucial, especially when it comes to adding a new building to your garden or backyard. So why not take advantage of the last two months of bad weather to invest some time into reading a few articles about wooden garages, and checking our products out.

When it comes to wooden cabins, we offer a wide range of products that are versatile, beautifully designed, and made of high-quality wood (more specifically, slow-grown Nordic spruce, grown in sustainably managed forests). It is worth mentioning that over the past few years, timber garages have become more and more popular and we’re not surprised. Like all buildings made entirely out of wood, timber garages have many compelling benefits which we will discuss over the following paragraphs.

The Many Benefits of Wooden Garages

As mentioned above, wooden garages have many benefits and because of that, a lot of people choose them over their metal or concrete counterparts.


Wood is a natural building material that has great insulation properties thanks to the air pockets found in its structure. Even if you are not planning to spend a lot of time in your garage over the cold winter months, you will sometimes have to. You might have to look for a certain screwdriver, to fix something, or to check your car and you’ll be happy to do these activities at a comfortable temperature. Wooden log cabins, including wooden garages, are generally much warmer during winter than concrete or metal ones.

Nice Design

If you add a new building to your garden, it would be a pity not to choose one that has an aesthetically pleasing design. Our wooden garages are made of the best Nordic wood which looks amazing without any effort on your part. In addition to that, our garage log cabins have a modern look and a unique Hansa Garden design. We focus on creating modern-looking structures that fit your needs and personal taste and that compliment any landscape.

Easy to Install

Wooden log cabins, regardless of their purpose, are considered the easiest buildings to install. Furthermore, being simple structures without a lot of additional details, garages are even friendlier in this department. So, if you’re looking for a garage that doesn’t take more than a few days to install, a wooden one is the best option.


Our wooden garages are multi-functional. This means that when you buy one of our wooden garages you can also get a nice storage area or even a garden shed. If this sounds like something you’d like to have, check out our spacious Wooden Carport Arthur with Tool Shed. This lavish multifunctional carport is 21m2 and is made out of 70 mm thick tongue and groove timber that will last a lifetime. This garage is spacious enough to be used as extra storage and as a DIY workshop.


As mentioned above, our log cabins are made of slow-grown Nordic spruce, grown in eco-friendly sustainable forests. Being a natural material, wood is can easily be discarded without doing any harm to the surrounding environment. It can easily be fixed and repurposed, so you won’t have to put too much effort into getting rid of it when the time comes. If you decide that you don’t need your wooden garage, you can donate it to someone who needs scrap wood or use it for a different project. In addition to that, wood is a natural insulator so you won’t use a lot of electricity or gas to keep it warm.


Wooden houses can last a lifetime if cared for properly. If you repaint them and fix any holes and leaks as soon as you notice them, your timber garage will be extremely durable. Our log cabins are designed to endure the capricious weather of the UK. Be it sun, rain, snow, or frost, your wooden garage will be just fine. The durability of wooden garages makes them a worthwhile investment.

How Much Does a Wooden Garage Cost?

We offer a wide range of wooden garages, from small and affordable ones to spacious and more expensive ones. So, regardless of your budget, we promise you’ll find something to fit your needs. Our more affordable wooden garages start at £2,725, and the more lavish options can cost up to £7,225.

As always, moderation is essential and that is probably why a very popular SummerHouse24 wooden garage is Hansa B Large Wooden Garage with Double Doors which is just £4,525. This garage is extra wide, which means that it comes with plenty of space for DIY projects and storage. It is equipped with double-glazed windows, sturdy 44mm wall planks, metal storm braces, and roofing felt. If you opt for Bitumen Roof Shingles, you can choose between four different colors (black, forest green, coal grey, and brick red) and the added cost is £430, and you can opt for Installation services that will cost an additional £1,800 and PVC gutters at £240.

UK Planning Permissions for Wooden Garages

If you want to keep your car safe and clean and you’re considering building an additional structure on your property, you need to take the local planning permission into account. As a general rule, outdoor structures such as log cabins do not require any planning permission, but it is still recommended to be informed about certain conditions and limitations.

All garden buildings, timber garages included, are permitted developments that don’t require planning permission as long as they meet certain restrictions:

  • Wooden garages cannot be higher than 2.5 meters and can only be one story. When roofing is added, the overall height shouldn’t be over 4 meters.
  • When situated within less than 2 meters of a building such as your home, or your neighbor’s home, the garage cannot be higher than 2.5 meters.
  • The height of the garage eave cannot exceed 2.5 meters.
  • Your garage cannot have a balcony, a veranda, or any type of raised platform.
  • When installing your log cabin you need to make sure that it is within 5 meters from the main dwelling.
  • Log cabins, including garages, cannot be installed on land in front of a wall that’s considered the front of the house (principal elevation).
  • Garden buildings cannot cover more than half of the surface surrounding your home. (Your garage can cover ½ of your garden or less).
  • Log cabins cannot be used as self-contained living accommodation and you cannot have an antenna installed in your log cabin.
  • Planning permission is always required when installing any type of structure, building, container, or enclosure if the location is a conservation area, Natural Park, or a world heritage site.
  • Planning permission will also be required if you want to install it within the boundary of a listed building.

Important Tip: Choose a garage based on the number of vehicles you own and the size of your property.

This might sound like an obvious thing, but it is still worth being emphasized. It is very important to choose a wooden garage that will fit your needs, the number of cars that you own, and the available space in your garden or backyard. Our wooden garages come in many different shapes and sizes, so you’ll surely find the right one for you. If you own a single vehicle, we recommend the Wooden Garage A or Wooden Garage C. For two vehicles, the best options are Garage and Carport Combination Type H and Wooden Double Garage E.


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