The 10 Best Reasons to Buy Wooden Garden Sheds From us Now


The 10 Best Reasons to Buy Wooden Garden Sheds From us Now

Garden sheds are practical buildings, as you will probably already know, and the rising market sales of garden sheds in the UK clearly show that this seems to be common knowledge, but what are the main reasons for this trend? And why buy garden sheds now? Why buy them from us instead of somewhere else? We have found 10 reasons that might convince you, too.

1. Reason: Garden sheds provide an additional secure and dry storage space

98% of all people could need just a little more space, and another 90% of these would have some kind of difficulties expanding by adding more rooms to their home. Most owners of a garden, however would have no problems building a garden shed into the garden.

Garden sheds can be used to house a logistical hub for the gardening, keeping all the tools and materials safe and dry, they can be used as workshops, and they can also be used as a storage units. Whatever they are used for: Things kept in garden sheds don’t lie around in the garden nor take away valuable space in the main house that can easily be used for a whole number of better purposes than just storage of seldomly used things.

2. Reason: There is no cheaper way of creating valuable storage space than erecting garden sheds

What ever plans you make to extend the usable space in the main house: No method will be able to compete financially with the cost/square metre ratio that you can get by purchasing a simple garden shed.

3. Reason: Garden sheds offer a huge variability

While we have looked at garden sheds nearly exclusively as storage units up to this point, it is also true that larger garden sheds can very well be used for a large variety of other usages. They can, for example, be equipped to become inhabitable which opens up usages as garden rooms for living, as guest rooms, homes for the young or the old generation, garden offices, fitness centres, outdoor saunas, hobby rooms, garden spas, work shops, garden lounges, party rooms, plant nurseries and businesses of all kind from engineering over sales to artistic, health related, or agricultural purposes.

4. Reason: Anti-cyclical buying pattern

This is a reason for looking for garden sheds that suit your wishes and parameters now. Find garden shed sales outside the gardening season. Large manufacturers will sell mostly during the gardening season and in early spring. So customers interested to make a purchase now will be treated with great courtesy, and you will also find special reductions for products that are set up to clear up storage space and make room for the new spring collection.

5. Reason: Purchasing now will grant you a delivery early in the new year

For gardeners, the winter is most often a time of low activity in the garden. Having your new garden shed delivered in a fully weatherproof package, you can decide on your own when to start with the construction. Any stretch of a few sunny days will do to get the garden shed assembled and treated from the outside. You might even take the opportunity to pre-treat all parts before the assembly. After that you will have enough time to get everything into place, get the garden shed perfectly organized for the new gardening season.

6. Reason: Garden sheds improve the character of a garden

Garden sheds make gardens more inviting. Not only do they provide the necessary logistics to store all things in the garden and make your garden more tidy and safer, they also make the garden look more inhabited. They provide not only their own limited space for your convenient usage, but make your whole garden an inhabited area. A garden simply looks better and cosier with a garden shed in it.

7. Reason: Garden sheds can offer financial opportunities

We have already mentioned that garden sheds have often been used to found large companies; they can be used for a large variety of businesses. But that is not all: Garden sheds can be made inhabitable and be rented out to paying guests on internet platforms that will not only do your scheduling, but also the billing and the promotion of your room to rent. Travelling business-people as well as travellers in tourism like to take advantage of the often favourably low priced accommodation fees in private settings.

Also, if you plan to maybe sell your property at a later time, you must be aware, that garden sheds generally make properties more attractive on the property market.

8. Reason: Wooden garden sheds are superior to other materials

Wooden garden sheds are easily workable. Installing a shelf inside, mounting a work bench, making a tool wall, or constructing an attic under the gabled roof: Wood is the best material for any kind of changes, modifications, and it enables practical, sturdy, and long-lasting solutions that can not be achieved as easily with metal or plastic.

Wood can also easily be painted in any colour to fit better to your main building, or it can be left in its original colour with a transparent coating which always looks very well in a natural environment.

Moreover, if you plan any usage with temporary or permanent stays in the garden shed, the interior climate will be much better, healthier, and better insulated with timber than with any other material.

9. Reason: There are security reasons for keeping things in garden sheds

A garden with things safely stored in a securely lockable garden shed does not only look more natural, but there are several security reasons involved as for example:

  • Gardening tools belong into a secure place because casual intruders often use gardening tools to break into houses
  • Gardening materials as wood treatments, glues, chemicals belong into a safe place and out of the reach of children who might come to play in your garden without you even noticing.
  • Keeping tools and also toys that have been used in the garden in a safe and dry garden shed will not only prolong their lifespan, but also prevent thieves from stealing them.

10. Reason: Find superior quality of garden sheds for very competitive prices in our portfolio

We build your garden shed from Nordic spruce. This highly durable, finely grained timber is not at all comparable with spruce from warmer regions. Due to the cold climate, much shorter vegetation periods, the grains are much finer giving rise to a sturdy, highly durable yet quite light timber.

Nordic spruce was first used to build saunas because this timber is capable to withstand these conditions of changing temperatures and moisture very well. Later we used it to build garden sheds and other garden buildings with great success. The timber is carefully kiln-dried before the processing. Our constructions are sound and proven, our production is quality controlled, and we offer a five-years warranty on all our products.

Have a look at our portfolio of garden sheds of the finest quality now!

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