Tips and Tricks for a Romantic Wedding in Your Garden Rooms


Garden Rooms

Summer is here so let’s talk about budget weddings in your garden! That’s right, there’s no need to spend an inordinate amount of money on an expensive location if your house already has a garden or backyard that also happens to be furnished with some garden rooms.

With just a few tips and tricks that we have prepared for you below you can turn this space into a veritable ‘Great Gatsby’ setting where you can have the wedding you have always dreamed of!

Work around the Season

The number one tip on our list is to pay special attention to the season you are having your wedding in and work it into the ceremony itself. This is an outdoor wedding, after all!

You might spend hours and hours browsing Pinterest and Instagram and see there lush gardens in bloom with happy brides and grinning grooms. But your wedding is in November. That means you have to make the most of what each season brings with it.

For the cold months, use your garden rooms as a space where you can store the gifts or where your guests can go in for a few minutes to warm up if they want to.

Have Plenty of Protection on Hand

A wedding in your garden means one thing – unwanted guests. And we don’t mean the cousins you didn’t invite but showed up anyway. We’re talking about mosquitoes, bees, flies buzzing around the food, and ants.

They can be taken care of very simply if you discreetly place special candles or diffusers that drive them away. Therefore, they won’t disturb your guests and they won’t invade the food. But even so, an emergency kit is still a good idea in case someone gets stung by a bee!

Less is More When It Comes to Garden Rooms

This is in regards to the decorations. The simple fact that you’re having a wedding in a splendid garden should be enough. Nature provides plenty of décor in the shape of gorgeous flowers, ornamental trees, shrubbery, and succulents. There is no need to go over the top and add extra things that will just clutter the space.

Most designers advise you to simply add a few touches here and there that will bring out your garden’s natural beauty and make your special day shine. For example, if you can, rent a chandelier and hang it over the main table. Complete the look with antique furniture and lawn ornaments that will make everything look classy and elegant.

Take into account the colors and textures of the flowers and shrubbery around you. Don’t choose décor pieces that clash with the organic material, no matter how much you love leopard print!

Remember that Weather is not Always on Your Side

Yes, you’ve chosen the day wisely. You have checked all the weather reports available and they promised a sunny, sparkly day. But there is still no guarantee that a few drops might fall. Therefore, you have to be prepared.

Place a few well-stocked baskets in your garden rooms where they can be out of the way. Fill them with umbrellas and blankets. You can also store some pop-up tents, canopies, and heat lamps in there since no one will see them in case they won’t be needed. But if it rains, you’re covered!

The Basic Amenities

We know it can be boring because you want to focus on more exciting things such as the cake, the dress, the menu, and the guests, but the basic amenities need your attention as well.

Since you are having this wedding in your backyard and the adjacent garden rooms, there will be no given electricity or plumbing as there would be if you had an indoor location. Therefore, you need to provide it.

Will you allow the guests to use the inside bathrooms or will you bring in portable toilets? Can you get a permit to run electricity from the main power grid to your garden and garden rooms? Will people have a place to freshen up and change if they need to?

Make Budget-wise Decisions

Here’s the beauty of having your wedding and the party following the ceremony in your garden rooms or your backyard. You can save a lot of money! Of course, if you do some research online or even talk to a professional wedding planner, they will always tell you that you need roughly one thousand things to make it happen.

But you don’t. For example, it’s not necessary to rent a dance floor, which is super expensive to begin with. Your guests can easily dance on the grass, as long as you manicure it very well. Here’s a tip – offer flip flops for everyone so they don’t ruin their shoes and feel more comfortable!

Tradition is a Loose Term

If you’re having this wedding in your own garden rooms, then you might want to go easy on ‘tradition.’ Make matters easy for yourself and choose only those elements of a classic wedding that feel right or that make you happy. There’s no need to put together a long list just because that’s what everyone else is doing. What do you want?

Rustic wedding cake with edible flowers? Why not? Handmade party favors? Of course! Hand written escort cards? Sure! The idea here is that this homely setting allows you to truly have the intimate wedding you’ve always wanted where you are the center of attention. As opposed to a theatrical wedding you’ve seen on Instagram where the guests pay more attention to the dramatic cake than to the bride.

What about You?

How do you feel about a wedding in your garden rooms? Does it sound appealing or would you rather stick to a more traditional approach? Leave your comments down below or let us know how your own wedding went and whether or not you have some advice for everyone else!


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