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  • Top 10 Cool Bookends for Your Insulated Garden Office

    What is an insulated garden office without a library? A place where you can store and enjoy your lavish book collection in a safe yet stylish way? And what is a library without a set of the coolest bookends that can not only serve a practical purpose but also put a smile on your face or complete the aesthetic of the room? That’s right. Bookends belong to that category of objects that are both useful and beautiful at the same time. So here is a collection that will make you swoon!

    #1 Animal Lover Bookends

    Let’s start with something super simple yet effective that every animal lover out there will adore. Bookends in the shape of cats and dogs! Both of these ideas are meant to bring a little life into your insulated garden office and, why not, a little love.

    You can choose one or the other depending on your preference or on the aesthetic of your office. Or why not both?

    #2 Travelling Bookends

    Who doesn’t love travelling? Now you can use that idea while decorating your insulated garden office with this one of a kind set of bookends for your own library. It consists of an airplane that seems to be going right through a set of books and coming out the other way.

    And you know what the best part about this is? The fact that the airplane is completely made out of Legos. This means that you can look at it as a DIY project that you can undertake in a weekend. Plus, it’s budget friendly!

    #3 Classy Bookends for Your Insulated Garden Office

    If Legos are not really your thing and you would like something a little classier, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! This is a set of two Greek style bookends fit for a true gentleman or lady. They mimic the statues and columns you can find in the ruins of Athens and which have made the Greek civilization so famous. Not to mention just how well they go with leather bound books.

    Tip – make sure that the rest of your garden office is decorated in the same way. This means leather upholstery, dark and rich colors, and velvet curtains!

    Cool Bookends

    #4 Romantic Homemade Bookends

    Not only are these bookends extremely romantic, but they are also the simplest ones you will ever see. And they cost next to nothing! If you are on a budget, if you love DIY or if you simply have too many flowers in your garden and don’t know what to do with them, then this idea should be right up your alley.

    These bookends for your insulated garden office consist of two simple transparent glass jars filled with water and your favorite garden flowers. Pick a series of books that match the flowers in color for a better aesthetic. Voila! You are now the proud owner of an instagrammable office!

    #5 Recycled Bookends

    This idea also falls under the category of DIY, but what we’re really interested in here is the recycling aspect. If you’re like us, you surely want to be environmentally friendly. And that means reusing old objects as much as possible instead of throwing them away and buying new ones.

    These cute bookends, for example, have been made out of a discarded children’s plush toy. They can now sit proudly on the shelf of your library, in the children section, of course!

    #6 Let’s Play with Portals!

    This cool bookend instantly transforms any set of books you have into a portal. How? It’s an optical illusion, of course! It’s made of the silhouette of a man who appears to be entering the books on one end and exiting the other. Quite appropriate since that is exactly what one does when reading a book.

    The bookend in itself fits any style of garden office since it comes in a neutral black and white palette. Therefore, you can mix and match any color of books you want between its ends!

    #7 Garden Bookends

    What better way to compliment your garden aesthetic than with a set of bookends that mimic your natural surroundings? Since your insulated garden office is located outside, you might want to have a few decorations that continue that look. These bookends are made of wood and represent a simple landscape with a few tall trees and some rocks.

    But how beautiful they are! Choose some books that match them in color and that don’t overpower their aesthetic. Since the bookends themselves are quite delicate and neutral, don’t go for books that could overshadow them.

    #8 Minimal Bookends

    As you might have already guessed, this set of bookends is meant to represent the painter Rene Magritte and his famous paintings of men with bowler hats. Therefore, this could be a wonderful idea for all you art lovers out there!

    But it’s also a great decoration piece in case you need a set of minimalist bookends or if you’re going for a grittier, noir aesthetic with your garden office. The bookends in themselves are almost invisible, save for the man with the bowler hat who appears to be shouldering the books.

    #9 Wildlife Bookends

    Granted, the photo does show this stand holding magazines. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put books in there, you bookworm! This little red fox will hold anything you want! As a metallic interior decoration piece, the bookend will go splendidly with a monochrome garden office. It will act as a single splash of color which will make it seem as if the fox is in motion!

    What about you?

    Which one of these bookends caught your eye? Do you think you will be using them to decorate your insulated garden office? Let us know in the comment section below if you’re more the DIY type of person or if you prefer to buy them ready made!

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