10 Environmental Benefits of a Garden Office


With more people working from home, the question of home office setup is gaining more importance than ever. Garden offices give you a place to go, so you can be present at home during your off hours and better focused on work when the time comes. That’s not all: Here are ten more benefits of a garden office.

10 Environmental Benefits of a Garden Office

1. Garden offices provide privacy.

With an office in the garden, there’s no need to ask others to be quiet or to make fruitless attempts to drown out the sounds of everyday living. A garden office is a space of your own, where you can focus and remain on task without inconveniencing others or vice versa.

2. Garden offices are surprisingly inexpensive.

A standalone garden office costs far less than renovating your home to accommodate a separate office space. The cost of a garden office depends on size, amenities, and other unique factors. Whatever your budget, you can likely make space for a garden office.

3. It takes very little time to install a garden office.

Garden offices are often built off-site before being installed or assembled in your garden. On average, installation occurs for less than a week.

4. A garden office can promote creativity.

Children’s author Roald Dahl wrote his books in a tiny shed located in his back garden. Just like the famous author, you can benefit from exposure to nature and peaceful sounds such as birdsong. Time and time again, studies have shown that exposure to nature promotes creativity and boosts productivity.

5. Garden offices can add value to your property.

So long as you maintain your garden office well and so long as it is well-landscaped, it’s likely to add quite a bit of value to your property, especially if you are planning on renting it out. After all, a garden office can have a multitude of uses in case it’s no longer needed as a workspace. Amenities such as safe, built in heat sources, airy windows, and plumbing may cause an increase in upfront pricing, but will ultimately add versatility and value to the structure.

6. With a garden office, there’s no need to commute.

Let’s face it, it’s no fun to slog through commutes five days a week, all through the year. A comfortable garden office pod shortens your commute to just meters. There’s no traffic, no trains to catch, and no worries about whether you’ll find a seat on the underground.

7. Your comfort is prioritized.

A garden office is a place of your own, complete with furnishings that you’ve chosen to suit your taste and accommodate yourself and any clients comfortably. Work standing up or with your feet up if you prefer, keep the temperature at your preferred setting, and when the weather allows, open a few windows to refresh yourself by allowing breezes in.

8. Garden offices promote work-life balance.

Since there’s no need to waste time commuting and as your workplace is located in your back garden, you’ll be able to take care of little tasks during your breaks. Pop in a load of laundry, run the dishwasher, or prep ingredients for dinner ahead of time. Essential chores won’t pile up, and your time off will truly be your own.

9. A garden office gives you flexibility.

When your office is located in your back garden, you can work anytime that’s convenient for you – of course, so long as you don’t have strict scheduling requirements! Take time out to walk your dog or help your kids with their homework, then return to work for a while.

10. With a garden office, it’s easier to carve out time for yourself.

Want to clear your head with a quick walk, or take a break for tea? Since a garden office is located within steps of your home, you can take a quick time out anytime you feel the need. Suddenly, things like neighborhood yoga classes and quick trips to the supermarket are within easy reach.

Final thoughts

Having a garden office of your own can save you time and make life more enjoyable. With increased productivity, you succeed – even though you aren’t sacrificing personal time. There are many pleasing designs to choose from and it’s likely that at least one will be the perfect fit for your back garden. With just a little help from knowledgeable experts, a comfortable at-home workspace is easy to achieve.

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