A Small Garden Office for Tiny Gardens


Small Garden Office

If you could use a work space, and you have just a tiny garden, we have a range of small garden offices to offer that would fit into the smallest garden. Does your house offer not enough space for you to expand the way you need to become fully productive? A safe and dry room in the garden of just 4m² could serve as a fully functional office space.

We have designed several models of small garden offices in different styles and with different features, so you can be sure to find your ideal compact garden workstation.

Due to their sizes of between 4 to 10m², these small garden offices are quite inexpensive to purchase, and they are quickly built up, insulated, and furnished. A very small heating device will get it cozily warm even during the coldest time of winter.

One Example of a Contemporary Small Garden Office

Have a look at our small garden office Mini Hansa Lounge! With an internal area of just a little more than 9m² and large floor-to-ceiling double-glazed windows, it gives you more than enough space for a workstation plus a small sofa to relax on during your breaks or have some creative meditation on. The inside is flooded with natural light, and a view into the garden will relax and inspire you, and boost productivity and creativity. It looks representable, and you could even meet business partners or customers there. A small veranda invites to al fresco business dinners.

The sturdy construction with 44mm wall thickness will serve you a lifetime, good maintenance is provided, and it will easily be insulated to a high insulation value.

A Small Garden Office as a Dedicated Work Space

Our clients with tiny gardens might have to build their small garden office close to their neighbor’s boundary line, which is not a problem. However, you will have to apply for planning permission with which we can help you in providing all the necessary data and some advice.

As our experience shows, factoring in all costs, using one of our small garden offices as a dedicated work space is still much more affordable than any extension of the main house, or even a loft development, and it will provide a lasting expansion of work space that can also be developed into living space at any time in the future.

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